Fuel slider needed to be set every game

Pretty much what title say. Fuel slider is a amazing idea…but what i notice it just reset every game for some reason. When i set a fuel, i expect it to stay like that until i change it again and not setting it every god damn game

Check my post Fuel load bug

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You might be able to set ut in test flight, i cant test it right now due to crew lock


Lol Sounds bad but its the old spawn back to hanger bug again

It doesn’t but it’s still bugged. As long as you don’t mess with the fuel sliders from the game before and just leave it it will automatically be on. It just doesn’t show it, if that helps with the bug report.

If only there were some sort of development server where they could adequately test these things before pushing live updates.

Did any player notice it on the dev server?

We are development guinea-pigs 😆