Fuel load bug

My p51d20na now spawns with 50 minutes of fuel while selecting 30min


Again this time 62 min,

i have worked out that if you select custom 30min then select min from drop down menu it adds them together, or the other way around, for the match in screen shors below i never touched the fuel and was able to reset in test flight after

My buccaneer has min fuel after selecting 20min 😆

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my Kfir Canard has max fuel load (28m) to haul 7 bombs, 2 Gun Pods and 2 Shafrir. It flies for approximately 10mins on full AB. What gives?

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Dont use the slider till they fix it you might be able to reset in test flight the cancel

I have found just using the slider is ok but it wont save, also dont use slider then change to drop down selection as it will zdd them together if you have fuel tank space,

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