For the love of god give Germany a competitive top tier jet

Every single nation is getting a new 4th gen and some are also getting Fox-3s added to their older planes.
Meanwhile Germany gets one (1) F-4F with just 4 AMRAAMS, only 9Ls for backup, and no air-to-ground capabilities beyond 2 Mavericks.
On top of that Germany ground keeps becoming less and less relevant with Sweden having 3 2A7 equivalents with better armor (and better support vehicles) and now Italy getting a 2A7.

I know people love to hate Germany but does anyone actually think this is fair?
Imo they should at least add an F-16 or something with some actual air-to-ground options.


Germany has never used the F-16.


Nor has France, or Italy with the Gripen.
I think we’re a bit past the “X never used Y” with how many copypaste vehicles are floating around.


Well, it’s not that they used them, but that the nations of their sub-tech trees used them. It’s not an Italian Gripen, it’s Hungarian and it’s not a French F-16, rather a Belgian F-16


Argentine F-16:



German mains believe argentina is an official sub-TT of Germany. Its not. Just so far the few Argentine vehicles added have gone to the German tree. Mainly because they are German exports.


Germany ground has Argentinian vehicles. he is saying that the Argentinian F-16 could go to Germany.

Problem is that they don’t have those yet as far as we know. The papers have been signed but no aircraft have been delivered.


I know Germany never operated F-16s, to clarify i didn’t mean a literal German F-16, i meant an F-16 from whatever country is close enough (or Argentina) so that Germany can have something competitive at top tier with some multipurpose capabilities.

Lol, makes sense

Oh okay.

Looks like it might be another F-16AJ moment ;)

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The F4F-ICE was expected, It has been for a long time. No Aim-9L/i or Aim-9M was a surprise and should be fixed. But really not a lot else can be done. Germany has no other aircraft that can be added. Just like how Britain and Sweden had to hold out with the Tornado F3 and Viggen D respectively for the entirety of 2023 until the Gripens were added. Germany most likely needs to hold out with the F4F-ICE and Mig-29G as top tier aircraft until the Typhoon is added. (unless Swiss F-18 is added before then)

The limited CAS capabilies of Germany is an area i’ll concede too. But this could simply be fixed by finishing and buffing the Torando IDS’s They are in an extremely nerfed state

Germany is one of the top 3 nations in ground at the moment. I have 0 sympathy for this argument. Go play a few matches as Britain, Italy, Israel, or litterally any nation that isnt Germany, USSR or Sweden. And then decide again if this is “unfair” for Germany. Fighting a 2A7V in a Challenger 2 feels like a 1.0+ uptier.

Germany has the best Naval tree at the moment and leagues ahead of everyone else with the Scharnhorst. Germany has one of the best ground trees at the moment and leagues ahead of nearly everyone else with the Leopard 2A7V. Its air tree is great. with a lot of variety and strong aircraft. Only weak spots are those mentioned above.


I mean Eurofighter would be pretty good I hear.


This mentality destroying whole game.

So they should add MiG-21 to US tech tree, F-15 to Soviet tech tree and G.91 to Chinese tech tree?


I have Britain, Italy and Japan maxed out and i almost have france maxed, so try again with that one.
Except for italy all of the above feel a hell of a lot more fun, and for a top 3 it feels infinitely shittier and more crippled than US, USSR or Sweden which ive also maxed out.

Im not saying germany is an unplayable tech tree, im saying it feels completely irrelevant and shitty to play.

Yeah but with how Gaijin treats Germany air by the time we get it the F-22 will be coming on the same update or the next.

There’s a big difference between fleshing out a nation’s tech tree and just copy-pasting vehicles. Sub-trees make sense, plugging holes in weak lineups at specific BRs.
Take Sweden’s new Tiger II P at 6.7. Sure, they literally used it for target practice and riddled it with holes. Well, hey, at least it fills a gap in their 6.7 lineup. Same story with the F-16AJ – a complete fabrication – shoehorned in to patch up a weak spot.
And don’t get me started on the South African Gripen in the UK tree or the Hungarian Gripen chilling with Italy. Italy’s top tier lineup is a dumpster fire, so they shove in the 2A7HU, a Hungarian tank, just to keep them competitive.
The F-4F ICE is already getting sympathy tears on the dev server. That thing doesn’t stand a chance against F-15s, F-16s, Su-27s, J-11s – you name it. It doesn’t even carry the AIM-9L/(I) missiles, the only Sidewinders that might make it halfway usable. Instead, they stick it with regular 9Ls. We need a real stopgap solution, something competitive until the Typhoon arrives. It’s crazy to expect this “flying brick” to fight against a bunch of 4th generation jets.


Every examples you take are, in my opinion, absolutely wrong.

Tiger II for Sweden.
Gripen for UK.
F-16AJ for Japan.

Throw them out!


Then we disagree at a fundamental level. Let’s leave it at that and agree to disagree.

We did try and get native options, but Gaijin wouldnt even consider any of them. Would have been much happier with native options (2 of which are actually being added this update) but… here we are.

Not that im expecting that many brits to still play the SAAF Gripen. At least not initially

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Development takes longer than a day. We know Typhoon’s in development and not coming this update.