Focke Wulf Fw 200 C-4

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The Focke Wulf Fw 200 C-4 was the most produced model of the Fw 200 series. Equipped with the more powerful BMW Bramo 323 engine, it was the most refined of all the previous Fw 200 aircraft featuring a reinforced airframe, heavier payload, an HDL 151 turret, the Lotfe 7 bomb sight, radar, & a maximum speed in excess of 400 km/h. Armed with an MG 151 in the A & D-Stands (fwd dorsal & fwd gondola), an MG 131 in the B-Stand (rear dorsal), an MG 15 in the C-Stand (rear gondola), and either an MG 15 or an MG 131 in the F-Stand (side), its bomb load, carried internally & externally in the bomb bay (Gerüst 4 Schloß 50/X or ETC 500 IX) or on four PVC 1006 L bomb racks, comprised of the following loads:

In War Thunder, the Fw 200 C-4 would be a 1942-1943 mid war aircraft as the game’s only German maritime patrol bomber, the Fw 200 C-1, is completely out of place for late war maps or events/scenarios. In fact, the Fw 200 C-4 should completely replace the extremely rare & unsuitable Fw 200 C-1, as it was nothing more than an interim development or stopgap model which has absolutely no business being in this game. About 107 Fw 200 C-4 were produced throughout 1942 with some being converted to C-4/U1 or C-4/U2 standards. This suggestion is specifically for the Focke Wulf Fw 200 C-4 bomber. Main improvements over the current Fw 200 C-1 would be:

~410 km/h maximum speed
More powerful BMW Bramo 323
Reinforced airframe
Lotfernrohr 7
MG 151 in A & D-Stand
F-Stand upgradable to MG 131
Ability to carry the Vergeltungswaffe 1
Maximum bomb load of 5,400 kg

Some more information:



Great stuff! Would love to have it. +1

I would advise putting the photos in spoilers though, as there are just so many of them. Keeps the post more succinct and easy to navigate.


+1, I really hope some of the late model Condors come

100% +1, In the game this was already done when the Bf-110 was remastered and the C-4 (a pure interceptor with a fantasy secondary loadout) was replaced with the proper strike upgraded C-7 (along with the addition of the F and G models of the 110). It would be great to see a somewhat forgotten but iconic WW2 plane get some love in the game. In addition, the inclusion of the Fw-200 C-8 foldered under the C-4 would be excellent as it was capable of carrying the Hs-293 guided bomb

I wish I could find an actual picture, but here is a depiction of an Fw-200 with Hs-293


That and maybe the C-6? As far as I know, that one also got the missiles, but the C-8 is an improvement to the C-6. I just think it would be awesome to get ANY more Condors, since they’re beautiful and I want to see more of them

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A much more solid variant than the current one. My full support +1

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Hasn’t it already passed for consideration in the old forum?
It’s confusing

Ok, sorry. Now It makes sense

Yes +1

Definite +1 from me.

Suggestion passed to the developers for consideration.