Should the He-111 be able to carry V1 flying bombs and other guided weaponry?

I always support fellow players when they try to improve the game.

From a pure technical pov a V 1 is not comparable to a Hs 293 or Fritz X as the target and flight path of the V 1 was determined on the ground - even if lauched by a He 111. So the job of the bomber was to get unharmed to the calculated drop point.

Seeing this as a weapon with rather limited accuracy (impact on large cities with 10+ km deviations at best) i see no practical use of “standard” V 1s in wt.

The semi-suicide version 103 R would raise severe ethical questions in general for a video game. I mean if gaijin struggles with German profile pictures it seems highly unlikely to add a weapon which supports suicide as a weapon in a PG 12 game.

Even in the unlikely case they would consider implementing the 103 R:
A suicide candidate is no part of the crew and he can make his own choices, so technically he is neither guided nor unguided by the dropping plane, so it makes no sense to invest money.

In any case - wikipedia is no reliable source in general.

If you are a passionate He 111 pilot - try to find infos about transport flights (e. g. TG 30 from Zellhausen) of them to the so called Atlantic Pockets until May 1945, extremely demanding long flights in total darkness over enemy territory to deliver supplies…all done by former bomber versions.


This game does not have the correct He 111 model for this but a suggestion was made:

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Battlestation Pacific let you ride Ohkas into American ships…Gaijin is a cowardly company


The issue with that though, is that they arent really “guided” the just flew in a straight line until a timer cut the engine and it crashed into the ground. If they were correctly modeled, then they would have less accuracy than regular bombs. The only real advantage would be range, but again, no value for that in WT

Id say to copy what Battlestations pacific and make naval actually good.


Fw 200, but again this game does not have the correct C-variant:

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Idk if it is a good or even feasible addition to the game. If it is added, however…

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Junkers Ju 188:

No its called controversy. They could add a modified version of the Ohka that was a interceptor variant with a bomb modification though its gonna be awhile since it isn’t necessary something in demand to be added.

There is no controversy, Battlestations pacific did this 10 years ago and nobody had an issue, its a honourable weapon.

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-_- you do realize battle station pacific did have a controversy over it. Just cause you didn’t see it doesn’t mean it wasn’t there.

Unlike that game though if Gaijin was to add it, its gonna get mentioned in a dev blog and knowing the War thunder community your gonna hear a lot of Banzai every single time more than it normally is. Even then I’m risking my own account when I write it in caps.

Whats wrong with Banzai?? And no there wasnt controversy, its historically accurate, plus its cool as hell GAMERS dont care about liberal tears.

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Cool and this isn’t about gamers it’s called legal issues. Just cause we the gamers play the game doesn’t mean Gaijin Entertainment won’t be suffering from political controversy.

Legal issues are a punishment even we gamers will experience.

I recommend redoing your research before making assumptions about different insignias. There more complicated than it seems also the 2nd link you sent doesn’t exist, and you probably gonna attempt to make other claims. An example is: “The Imperial Japanese flag” is evil. Oh wait in history that was the battle flag of Japan. So in reality the Evil Flag would be the Japanese national flag. Which it isn’t and this is often why we have historians and researchers who always need to go into detail explaining it since it is very complicated.

Another thing the United States Flag, Canadian Flag, and flag of the United Kingdom wouldn’t be allowed in-game since they also did very evil things. So it’s complicated as I stated above. On what is and what isn’t. Some wonder why the Swastikas aren’t in the game and the simple answer people will abuse it and is banned in almost all countries due to that specific version’s horrible meaning.

If riding a kamikaze rocket is what would make naval “good” for you, then you have the problem, not the game.

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why not use the v1 as like a really really big rocket?

Because it didn’t fly like an aimable rocket - it flew straight and level until the engine cut out - if you “pointed” it at a ground target in a slight dive then it would level out and fly another 100km…

oh so it had a self righting system?

Yes - it was leveled by gyroscopes, and direction set on a magnetic compass that had to be set in a special facility before launch.

Range was determined by revolutions of a rotary vane in the airflow that counted down from a preset number - when it reached 0 fuel was cut off, and controls set to a steep dive.

Nah the game has a problem, the Ohka is extremely based and would give japanese naval players something they can actually use against ships as currently they have nothing, all other nations get some sort of powerful weapon against ships but japan doesnt, due to AA being programed to have Aimbot on against planes, using regular dive bombing and torpedo run tactics is not an effective method

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