20 days left for the 100th anniversary of the Focke Wulf Company

I propose some kind of event to commemorate the hundredth anniversary of the company that produced the most famous planes used by the axis


You can PvE, but you can’t get mad if people want to PvP, which is what the mode was made for.


Get rekt son, the pleasure I get from killing “PvE Zombers” is immeasurable


Hello botter lmao

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Epiq topic edit btw, real nice trick

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yeah went from being pro botting PVE ing to this lmao

More aircraft such as a proper mass-produced Fw 189 A-2, not the rare event/premium A-1 that is in this game would be nice. Also, some of these below which were already suggested on the old forums:


Those would be nice additions

What was his original post?

Complaining about players complaining about PvE lobbies in Sim.


It’s quite funny that he changed his post

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You should be glad that we flagged it and that you changed it , it is against ToS and literally speaking about in on forums might get you banned

I’m the PLAYER , you are the ENVIRONMENT

Do a real topic for Focke-Achgelis as well and ask gaijin for an Fa 223