Flare pods dont work

Ive spawned in the kurnass 2000 multiple times and each time I only get the standard amount of flares and not the extras from the pods. Same with the helis even though they dont get the pods. Was only in ground RB though not in air RB.

its for a bunch of planes in general

im assuming its a bug and not intended?

obviously, many people have the same bug (hell you’re not even the first to mention it by a long shot)

ight cheers bro

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same big with mig 23’s

i think it’s an issue with flare pods in general; there’s also issues with counter measure amounts in general rn. there’s no way it doesn’t get fixed eventually with how important it is

Is it also a bug for the Mirage 2000-5 and Mirage 2000C S5? or they just changed the loadout on this one?