Flander is Garbage

All the buildings are on the north side. The north also has the train track berm to advance underneath to points and otherside of map. South only has several impassible trenches which are very easy to become permanently stuck on if you don’t stick to the roads which funnel you into chokes. South has to pass over the berm to get to the points while north has buildings for cover. It’s nonsensical. It is easier for south to get to A, but North can advance on A using buildings. This would have been better if the points were staggered distancewise from spawn. Have north seize the track using building cover at the expense of the blimp. If North decides to all in blimp, there’s few to defend the town.

They actually might have had a golden opportunity to make the blimp crash dynamic to where “supply caches” are recoverable on the north side, and the main supply cache of the blimp is recoverable on the south side, so the crash spans from north to south, creating the ever mystifying D point, a 4 point map.

I think they began designing the map from the north downward and ran out of time. What would the south of town even look like other than that pond shack and trenches. Could be some animal pastures or something, a farming district attached to the sophisticated side of town but divided by a train track.

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Good analysis with you there. They don’t have to be exact to be balanced.

I wonder if Gajin view it that you suffer in one game and then gain on another, like a football team facing the wind equally by changing ends at half time?

Some of the south roads didn’t even get completely finished. There is random grass patches grown over the road. Seemed like a design error rather than effect. The trenches seem haphazardly placed just randomly strewn about. The dugout areas don’t really make any sense directionally. I don’t really get a sense of what’s going on there. Spawning south is just a task of getting the hell out of there while north spawn is just race to building cover. Everybody tends to suicide on C from south.

The issue is that vehicles can’t be hit from the trenches, and neither can they fire, so they are a good way of moving but not fighting.

I quite enjoy it in WW2 eras but I stay clear of the Airship.

I am pretty sure the player base could design better maps. Maybe we should and throw them up.

That’s if you get up to them. I’m talking about the infantry trenches on tops of the high ground on the south side. There are an extreme number of places where the tank can be permanently stuck. Movement is also extremely hindered up there, so if you go up for a shot, you have few options for where to go. And that’s vs tanks on the north that have the railway berm and buildings for cover.

That means canonically the personnel trenches were sentry duty guarding the prep areas for the tank assault on the town to seize the rail and blimp.

So then what is with the trench setup north of the blimp? Town defenses? There’s no occupying force there, so two armies are just converging on the town? Why was there time to build trenches to stage an attack on the town if there was no occupying force? Are the south trenches defenses for the town? It doesn’t really look like it. I just have no idea what’s going on there.

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True enough.

I do creep around the Airship but I find engaging in there a fool’s game as the seat is taken early and most get a few kills from in there, hiding right inside the nose.
The other side is the bridge and spawn behind where I have had some good battles.
I find like the Ardennes battles you can too easily snipe from zone to zone.

You do need features to make a map to be honest overwise it’s just a CAS fest later on and we all change ends at some point.

I do think the airship point is a good design. It sets up air strike and bombing targets on what would otherwise be a very spread out map. And it’s not totally exposed because of the framework. I just wish it was mostly destructable. I have damaged my tracks by trying to drive through a ground level beam. Seems ridiculous.


I’m out of likes :) but yes 100% with you.

It’s honestly still nowhere near as bad as 38th Parallel or small Ardennes or Poland.

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What I dislike about it is the broken collision model. Many many times I’ve tried shooting at tanks visible through the gaps in the airframe, only for the shell to crash against an invisible wall.


Indeed. It needs work. I have found no way to get the player out of the nose cone without presenting myself for dinner. Suggestions welcome :)

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I belive you tell the true that is the one of the point why unplayable there part of the map above 4.0 BR.
In low tier especially in realistic lot of tank max speed 20km/h which make them useless thanks to 250x250m map with muddy ground and a lot of object which need to avoid. In low tier/BR 90% of players rush C because from both side that is the closest point. Just imagine you move 3 min without can do nothing and the battle already decided… If our breaktrought can earn nothind just pray to planes do not bomb the tank, if enemy team do it, pray to not face with the stonger tank… When camping battle started, just earn some spawn point and bring a juicy plane and blow up the whole enemy camper team…which cause money and time waste… (Fields of Poland)

In higher BR from 4.0-7.0 BR full camper map fast and small tank capture the point and rare it change owner. Top side team will camper because they should attack on open field, bottom side team will attack across the trenches and hightground. Players not want risk because in higher BR tanks repair cost too high so select camp. This map become as a layer map like Campania/Italy but looks like fancy.
In higher BR from 7.0-11.0 BR same as in 4.0-7.0 BR but low gun depression tanks are usage only in some poins of the map which easily to predict they movement…

Summarize: As i see
-In low BR it was be playable if the size not 250x250m the map, instead of that 150x150 m the perfect.
-In higher BR battle thanks to player logic, mobility of tanks in easily become a camper, layer map.

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Same old issue.One map fits all.Modern and Prewar on the same maps.Lazy game design.

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I played twice now on this map when it had only 1 objective. The first time it was C, the racetrack. North won so easily. I bet they were just chatting and driving in circles. Only 2 of our tanks crossed the train tracks, and it was easy for them to fan out to stop us on the various sides of the map. Without A or B to relieve pressure and cause them to get somewhat out of position, C is nearly impossible to take without golden trades or uptier advantage.

The second time was the airship. Again north won. It was a little more competitive, but I think the ultimate factor is that South has way too many obstacles to traverse where as North has smooth driving straight shot from nearly any spawn location. You barely have to turn. This led to an early cap advantage forcing South to trade some kills to recap. They paid for it, and they really don’t have much advantage on that side to stop North from reinforcing. Also North reinforces much more quickly. It was a quick recap and domination.

Maps are now feeding german and soviet players who actually have armour, i stated an objective fact here nations whose tanks arent made for frontal engagements anc CQC are put at a major disatvantage when all the sports that let them do their niche are removed just to appease Wehraboos and Tankies

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This map has been most of my games in arcade since it dropped and in most scenarios the north has the advantage. One thing that annoys me is it almost feels like a snipers map but then you realize that’s only possible if you take the middle where every gun is pointed at you. I’m not sold on this map in it’s current form.

I agree this map shall be removed

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Is very bad map and the worst is for some reason reach spam levels. I dont know why the remove good maps and leave this piece of sh…