Flanders Map is Garbage

Honestly not a bad map. Its got buildings to snipe from, tons of defilades to poke out from, semi flanking routes, nice cqc areas around 2 of the cap points.

Ive had a lot of fun sniping and holding down flanks on this map.

Id rather play flanders than surroundings of volokolamsk, iberian castle, italy, fire arc, and european province. Italy especially could be fixed easily by simply making the spawns N/S instead of E/W, nice long flanking routes with a long straight fight throught the city, like eastern earope or hurtgen forest.


WW2 and some post-war tanks, other than that it’s just the same as any other map

Flanders is my favorite map in game currently. It’s one of the best maps Gaijin has added in a long time. Please devs more maps like this!


Of course you can’t sniper through urban maps.

It’s a great map.My only issue is I don’t see it often enough.Just get Berlin five times in a row.

Is it just me or does it not make sense for the defense dugout mazes to be facing the town. Shouldn’t they be facing away from the town? I like the idea for the middle of the map, but traveling from spawn is extremely boring. There’s no decisions to make except which long path to take.
I also hate how the blimp frame is indestructible.

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Are you taking fire from the blimp frame?

It’s very nonsensical cover for a tank, no? Sometimes there are very difficult, narrow shots through the framework. It would be like shooting a tank from the other side of a jungle gym sphere that is invincible.


When you put it like that I agree.Parts of it could be.What provides cover and what does not is a mystery in this game for sure like those crazy rail cars that allow shots pass through them like they weren’t there.

Flanders has very few long range positions as well. Gaijin wants me to buy and play tanks like the shturm and mephisto, but then makes 0 places on the map for them to be used.

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You just havent explored the map fully then.


You can very easily shoot across the mid section of the map hull down with those tanks and other ATGM carriers.

I do it all the time in my Bradley, I’ve seen a Mephisto devastate my team at C by staying on the other side of the main hill hull down.

I believe the trenches are fine for low tier as they pose a more serious mobility impediment and the tanks are smaller and can utilize the cover.

The high tier version of the map should remove the trenches entirely, I believe it would make the map much nicer to play.


YOURE INCOMPETENT the map is not good for all playstyles not even close and if you actually think it is youve never played a good map before id rather be on Carpathians than this

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Flanders is okay, especially if you go against tanks with bad gun depression.
My only deaths from those types of vehicles are when they fully crest to get enough depression to shoot at me, getting killed in the process.

It is a good map but I dislike the crashed Airship as it is a hiding space for tanks to get so many kills with no way to attack them back.I would lose it as a feature and put it as an ornament somewhere.

This seems at first like a whining Japanese player but they make a good point. The game needs to support units/nations it created.The player did not make the line up what it is,Gaijin did and they need to look across the big picture more than they do when making maps.
Recent reading reveals a whole host of interesting points removed to make a flat, featureless map devoid of interest and cover to appease just one set of fans who can only do one thing in the game apparently.

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It’s just too easy to spawncamp on Flanders. If the hills in the far right of the map were removed/blocked off so people camping there couldn’t shoot into the bottom spawn, it’d be a lot better.

My only gripe so far with Flanders is how easy it is to spawn camp, controlling B from the north spawn let’s shoot people coming out of their spawn from the south side. Also, people can sneak up to the north spawn by sticking to the edge of the map specially the west side hills where the destroyed blimp is.

It’s completely broken so I decided to ban Flanders because of it.

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I guess it’s fun if you are the one camping and you will become aware of those spots after a while same as any other map except many have just become featureless and devoid of any cover now. I would not want Flanders to go the same way. I would not want all the maps to be the same.