Flakpanzer vs Ostwind II, Panther II E-100 etc

It was not a Schmalturm.

The turret of the Panther II came before the Schmalturm, and was noticeably different. For one, it didnt have the rangefinder.

The reason the Panther II has an 88 mm is simply because at the time it was thought that the schmalturm 88 and the Panther II projects were connected. This turned out to be false later.

Real panther 2 should go to USA because they never made the turret, our guys slapped on a panther g turret and sent it to testing grounds. As an event or premium, ofc. Also, why are panthers so low in br, the later ones should be with at 6.3, and the Pershing moved back to 6.3 as well as they are more or less equal

They already got uptiered the last Update from 5.7 to 6.0 and Germany constantly has +1 Uptiers at this BR where you are almost always fighting against 7+, at 6.7 even worse

T25 is also stronger than Panther, same pen basically but T25 got 137g tnt while Panther only has 28g and the T25 has better mobility + better turret rotation so i guess thats the reasoning

Don’t some later variants like the A have upgraded turret rotation. Also it does have better pen, and nicer ballistics for longer shots. It’s armor is better than the t25, and pretty much on par with the m26, at least hull armor is.

Why are here people arguing about the Flakpanzer Zerstörer? Wasn’t the modell leaked 1 or 2 years ago? Seems like the chances are high that it will get added in the future

Panther A, G have same turret rotation, Panther F has less again. Not that much penetration from what i can see just 5-7 more pen but the explosive filler on T25 is huge and usually Mobility+Pen (or like explosive filler, for example with the Tiger it is also better to take the less pen round with you because it has more explosive filler and can even overpressure) is better than Armour and well playerbase definitely must perform better in the T25 for it to be higher than the Panthers but i haven’t unlocked the T25 yet, with USA im only at 5.3 so far

It already used to be in the Game until Gaijin removed it for not being realistic enough while adding in the Ostwind II…

Doesn’t panther have less bullet drop and less pen drop, and although I agree that it’s mobility is subpar, it’s enough to do well and you are comparing it to a lighter prototype version of the Pershing, ofc it’s gonna be worse. Also, the only tanks that can pen it hull around its BR on the American side are the m36b2 (heatfs) t26e1-1 (long 90mm, reduced he filler) and American t34 (but has no he filler) the m41a1 might be able to with apds but I’m not 100% sure. Meanwhile the all those tanks can frontally be killed by panther, except t34 but only if lfp is covered. The turret is different story though I’ll give you that, a little inconsistent with 76 but the 90mm will almost always disable turret. But then, there is the Pershing 1 shot spot

I know. This was said when Ostridge showed the original image.

The mobility of the T25 is only better in reverse. The Forwards acceleration is really poor, unironically on par or even worse than the M26’s in certain cases.

Also have to consider that the T25 now has 2 ready rounds, so once you fire 3 rounds your reload goes to 9.97 seconds with a fully maxed out loader, 12.96 with a fully stock one.

The 90 mm has far less pen drop.

For comparison, at point blank the Pzgr.39/42 APCBC round has 192 mm of pen, while M82 has 185 mm. At 500 meters, both rounds have 173 mm of penetration, and at 2 kilometers they have 126 mm and 140 mm of penetration respectively.

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Nah thats the corelian. The zerstörer is the quad mk103 tank

I am pretty sure I saw the prototype Ostwind II in a Museum in Canada, although not exactly sure in which one, as I visited multiple military museums there.

Also you can read about an interview with someone who actually was involved in the building of that prototype in Walter J Spielbergers Books “Der Weg zum Flak-Panzer Gepard. Die geschichtliche Entwicklung der deutschen Flugabwehrpanzer” and “Der Panzerkampfwagen IV und seine Abarten” (Both books feature the same “Interview”)

So yeah, a prototype of the Ostwind II was indeed built.

South Korea has so many vehicles to offer whoever gets them (or if they’re an independent tree), they have a lot of SPAA fit for War Thunder too.

I have made a topic about this thing few months ago

Someone actually confirmed for me that the image I sent is not the Zerstörer 45, it is a Wirbelwind with canvas coverings on the barrels. The barrels are apparrently too short to be the Zerstörer 45.

Also, is this a translated version of the actual shipping manifest?

The pic you send is a wirbelwind but this is the gun of Zerstörer 45

Ik that is the gun of the Zerstörer 45. Is that list of prototypes built a translated version of the original shipping manifest?

Mostly likely it is but not sure

The side-by side config of the Ostwind 2 always rankled me, because I remember reading that the Germans preferred the stacked configuration for that turret

Truer words have never been spoken on this subject. At this point their just gate keeping them. There is absolutely no reason they cant come back. Either through an event, or made premium.

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