Flakpanzer vs Ostwind II, Panther II E-100 etc

I literally just provided an image of the real prototype of the Zerstorer 45.

No you didn’t. That was Sinister that posted it.

I know Sinister sent it first. I meant that I re-sent it replying to you a second ago.

That’s the thing, I’m not sure if that image is 100% real. The book which allegedly has it is called Panzerketten: Die Gleisketten der deutschen Kettenfahrzeuge des Zweiten Weltkrieges by Peter Schwarzmann, but;

It’s not really mentioned there.

It could just be mentioned in passing somewhere. You always find what you’re looking for in random places.
Also German amirite?

Ok then. From Tank encyclopedia we can see that the Zwillingflak 43 existed
Which really seems like the most likely option of how the guns would be on the real model.

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Yea, the version I own is really shortened (i.e missing a metric ton of pages due it it being a digital copy), as such I can only rely on the synopsis. If anyone has the full version and is willing to check, that would be welcome.

At least we can potentially replace the fictional Ostwind II with something that actually existed now :)

You can have a monstrosity.



100 mm at 55° provides 190 mm of effective protection against 122 mm APHEBC, 212 mm against 122 mm APHE and 242 mm against 122 mm APCBC. In short, only the APHEBC can go through reliably, and has to be significantly closer range than when compared to a normal Panther.

Neither the 100 mm cannon (with any of the basic AP rounds) or 17 pounder APDS can go through unless at such close range that you have to depress the cannon to shoot the upper glacis.

Eh fair enough it makes sense why the Russians were unsure.

I don’t trust all books and sorts, sometimes things are purposely shrewd. Especially if countries are at war since if it gets leaked to the enemy their gonna study it and see if they build something that could counter it.

Actually I rescind that statement. The naval DLM 42U mount could also be a somewhat reasonable layout.

From the Zerstrorer 45 thread:


The Panther II wasn’t completely fictional. The hull was finished and the plan was to slap a Schmalturm on it with a 75mm cannon. Gaijin just gave it the long 88 for some reason.

The 10.5 cm Tiger unfortunately was truly only a sketch.

There is no shadow of a lower barrel.

Afaik not even the same schmalturm as we know. The turret seemingly being paper design at best as schmalturm was designed by someone else later on.

The configuration in game is essentially completely fictional. Less real than the Coelian.

Like a hull exists, at least with the Coelian we know what would be put onto the hull.

Because you need to remember the history of WT GF. Initially just RU v DE with no intent at the time to push too far into the years after WWII. Due to DE failing their invasion of the world RU had vehicles developed that DE could not follow. So at the time they needed something to verse what RU had and so delved into vehicles never finished in either design od manufacture.

Then the game expanded and moved on, meaning the medium changed from Panther II to M47, the Coelian to the Ostwind II, the KT probably absorbed same as Panther II to M47, then addition of things like scout at 6.3 and Premium 7.0 (RU 25-whatever it is).

I’m sure many nations would enioy access to paper and “fake” vehicles, but they shut down this route apart from a few extreme examples due to actual real gaps in tech trees.

Because it is the gun that was important for that time in game. The ability to compete with the options RU has at the time to keep DE users happy.