Flakpanzer IV (3 cm Flakvierling) ‘Zerstörer 45’

Appart that this isnt the place for suggestions, i feel honored that you used the ammo info from my 15-50mm German Flaks list, but you could at least have linked to it, i mean you even copied the source for the Ammo for the 2 cm Flaks and 5 cm Flak 41 L/67 which are completly unrelated to this.


The honer is mine sorry for not sending the link here but i never intended to send this as a suggestion i only send it here so i don’t lose the search if my suggestion get deleted the suggestion i made was on the 4th of September and still pending to this day.

Yee that was a stupid move on my part i removed them at some point but i kept it for soke reason

Im pretty shure its only around 40 rounds as they are stored in round boxes on the gun and even the bigger boxes as found on the normal mounted Mk 103/38 have 50+10 rounds. (Actual box 50 rounds and the feed extention on top can hold additional 10 rounds.)

They didn’t use ammo box for this one it’s not like the 30mm Mk 103/38 on the (3 cm Flak 103/38 auf Steyr 2000a) where the ammo box is directly attached to the gun the 3 cm Flakvierling have cylindrical-shaped magazines that were fixed to the gun but could be opened to place belt-fed ammunition inside of them

Thats what i wrote, round (as in shape) boxes (as in containment.)

Ooo yes at best these cylindrical-shaped magazines can’t even handle 20 rounds they are too small compared to ammo boxs use on the other Mk 103/38 but my idea is to use the same belts on the kugelblitz

Can we got Zerstörer 45?
Gaijin: we have Zerstörer 45 at home.
Zerstörer 45 at home:


This is just a worse Kugelblitz


Gaijin not making an kitbashed abomination challenge (impossible)


Yee i was really disappointed all the work wasted i thought we will end up with the wirbelwind configuration but we end up with this


It’s just an over tiered flak panzer with no armour the only advantage it the quad 30mm


They went with the one that was actually built.


Kugelblitz is just better cause its not open topped too, open top AA will always be worse

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The Mobelwage was a testing bed it’s more likely that the wirbilwind configuration was actually built and tested


It literally states in the source you provided that the mobelwagon version was the only one built.


Gaijin can’t really work off of “likely”, can they?

We know there was a mobelwagen modified to have the quad mount MK 103s, as shown in one of your replies to this very topic, specifically to test this sort of tank.

We know that only 1 was possibly built, also as shown by one of your replies.

Your argument hangs on the possible chance that they didn’t consider that vehicle to be a Zestorer 45 and the Germans built the Wirbelwind turret with quad Mk 103s even though no document says that is the case.


I didn’t provide any sources that says one Zerstörer 45 on Mobelwage was built plus all the pic shows the gun alone not installed on any type of chase why would they take the gun away from it’s chase if they didn’t installed it or try to install it on a new one or in a new configuration

You did.

Edit: My bad I confused people due to same profile icon.

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That’s not me

First it wasn’t my reply, seconds hell we have ho-ri production, R2Y2s and a Yak 141 with weapons and avionic systems that it didn’t use but all still be added in the game Gaijin can work with more than likely if they want to add something to the game, third the pics shows the gun alone and there is no pics or physical evidence that says that it was only installed on a Mobelwage, if it was only built on a Mobelwage why bother remove it from it if they don’t want to install it on a new chase or new configuration.