Fighters not fighting

(inbound sarcasm for those of you who cannot comprehend )
My absolute favourite aspect of Air RB is when all the fighters on your team (the majority of players on your team) IMMEDIATELY decide to shoot ground targets rather than engage the enemy and leave you to fight the entire enemy team on your own.
FW190? - shoot artillery - yak? - shoot artillery - spitfire? - shoot groound targets - a6m2? - shoot ground targets.
If i see this, i just go home, land and J out.
Its kinda like the majority of the playerbase have absolutely 0 interest in actually playing the game, most seem content with a single insignificant artillery kill before they die, i cant comprehend how this is worth even downloading the game for.
I mean, even the bombers cant bomb, they always dump everything on a single base, despite having the means to take out 2 or 3 bases - and thats assuming they dont just fly directly into the 10 or more players on enemy team.
And dont get me started on these players who “ONLY PLAY TOP TIER” - because they are useless in anything else other than their f16 or or meta premium - which even then - they only get a single kill before they die.
I miss the days when people actually played the game, you could honestly not tell the difference these days between a bot or a human.


There is nothing wrong with what they are doing. It is part of the mode and if attackers are not going to do it the fighters end up doing it. The same is happening in ground RB. AA players do not keep the skies clear so tankers end up doing it. all because of team mates using AA to cap a point in the beginning of a match or using AA to try and destroy a tank. So its hard. IF your attackers would destroy ground units in air RB your team would win. most games do not have attackers in so again the fighters end up doing it.

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good job mate, The tags for this post specify “AIR RB” - I even stated it within the first 2 sentences…


I was using an example by saying what I did. Players fill in spots where other players slack off in.

right . . . . . .so 8 fighters on our team and 4 bombers.
Enemy team inbound - our fighters should ignore the inbound threat and mow the lawn, turn back on enemy and shoot ground targets??
Sigh, i’m just gonna wait for someone with some common sense to respond to the post.


what dont you understand? If your team does not have attackers or your attackers go for bases the fighters end up going for ground units mate

I’m not gonna continue this with you.


Makes a change from everyone jumling on the first b25 they see

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Fully agree!

I simply quote myself from another thread:

…the game play experience will get better if “newer” pilots joining Air RB will realize that this mode is not designed as a grinding tool with a low skill floor to play PvE or just to earn SLs in order to play Ground RB.

And related to bombing:

…but watching top tier replays or jet game play in general it looks like that a hell of pilots are simply not interested in playing Air RB to enjoy the mode or aerial combat - they strap bombs on high-end fighters with the sole purpose of performing useless tasks like base bombing without caring about the outcome of the match.

Same with strike fighters - they are at higher tiers in a competition with own fighters attacking the same bases / targets and at lower prop tiers (best example Wyvern) they make dedicated bombers useless.

So an overhaul of bombing in general and giving guys enjoying PvE in a TDM mode at least some purpose before they die would improve the game play experience for all BRs facing this 4 respawning bases nonsense.


Ive mentioned this in many posts, ie interceptors kill bombers and heavy fighters, fighters should escort/ defend bombers while they bomb bases etc, this should be in the reward system. Nothing worse in doing your bit and have some noob take up a slot. Gaijin needs to sort there stuff out, but the way of the snail is grind grind and more grind


Which is wrong. Fighters should deal with the biggest threat first which are enemy fighters and then engage ground targets if there are no ground attacker planes on their team.


War Thunder is mostly a tank game now.

Tankers play Air RB because it’s a quicker way to grind SL to buy more tanks.

They buy premium bombers like the Russian B-25 & JU-288, or just yo-lo in a fighter with zero clue what to do.

As long as they can get a quick trade in a full commit head-on, or take out some ground, then start a new match, they are happy with the SL gains.

I’m actually shocked when someone puts up a bit of a fight and doesn’t just stall them self out, or rate fight in a thunderbolt.

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nope not if they want to win BUT thats probably not their concern if they grinding mods or a specific vehicle… Its pretty easy to play a couple games when new make extremely low rewards trying to help your team but not killing anyone cause your new and bad and realizing even winning you get 135 rp or not helping and getting a few a.i. targets and getting 1000 rp… Heck I do it in top tier jets just to get the first critical mods cause b4 you didnt even get flares man try to attack anything at 11.3 with no flares and terrible weapons…

Fighters wasting their time escorting a bomber? lol

You would get kills defending the bomber

Not many bombers around in rank 5

You can’t say this in general.
Let us say you play AirRB to win the battle not focussing on a certain playstyle:
There are maps so critical on tickets and auto ticket bleed so you can’t ignore ground targets. So if you see enemy attackers you have to kill them, now you are low and logically you equal the tickets.

As long as my team has ticket advantage i fight. But very often you have to quit and do ground pounding otherwise you loose the battle on tickets. It’s annoying, I know, but that’s the game.

I know there are players focussing on fighting ignoring the battle itself. It’s acceptable but not the way to win more battles.

In the old days there was no critical auto ticket bleed at all.

Today the majority play AirRB only for egoistic interets as said before. You see it in toptier. Everyone who bombs weakens the team. The only maps bombing makes sense are the EC maps because of the tickets. Look at the new ground attackers A10/Su25. They takeoff with full payload not able to finsh a full turn. But both carrying only missiles are good dogfighters. Look at the bomber spam e.g. Ju288. Most of them have no clue to play it, only stupid bombing and dying. Because most of the content creators pray it’s the best grinder… Most of the bombers in prop die without shooting a single round at their opponents. I remember the days every second battle in my Ho229 i have to hunt B29 and it was no picnic. :-)

The initial phase of any air game is the fight for air dominance/supremacy. The “fur ball”, once that is winnowed out, then there is time for actually accomplishing whatever the mission objectives are.
So no a bunch of the players immediately going to ground is as the OP states, how you lose the game when they are pounced on.

OTOH, the player level/skill disparity in the game is such that many players know they don’t have a chance against the high level players, and/or they are trying to grind a stock, crippled plane to competitive, so they are trying to get as many points in as they can before they get clubbed.
So its not (just) cluelessness, its also that the game is broken.

Ive seen wyverns win a match on tickets before i can climb to 5k from interceptor air spawn and that was with out Bombing our AF

Or the first Ju-288.