"Fighter" issue

Match after match, useless fighters who either strictly go for bombers or prioritise the easiest target.
Even when you see them engage - it is always a headon.

For the love of God can fighters actually fight for once?
Seems community is scared of engaging enemy and just want easy points.
Play arcade if that is your mentality.

I am ssick to death of being the only fighter who is willing to engage the enemy.

If i play a fighter - i have to fight entire enemy team on my own - everyone else is happy with a howitzer kill before they die or half damage a red circle - thankyou for your immense input…

If i fly a bomber - i have to do the fighters job while they float about at low alt.

If i fly an attacker - i have to do the fighters job…

It is an absolute joke, get your act together guys.

I dont wanna be playing with people who buy a premium fighter then not use it as a fighter and content with firing off 20 rounds before they die and count it as success.

I would LOVE to fly more attackers or bombers - but guess what?
I cannot because the other “fighters” on my team are trying do my job or just chasing an insignificant bomber. It is just low grade gameplay - I find myself not doing what i want - simply filling in the gaps in my team.
Does anyone care?
Why even fly?
No substance to air rb and the people who fit the category above just make playing the game pointless.

Your flying a p51h at high alt?

Ok cool lemme take mine, mow the lawn, shoot spaa before the 190 dives on me and kills me… your welcome. - at least i made 1.2k sl right? its worth it right? right?
Why even play air rb? do a custom battle or something and shoot ground targets there with your high alt fighter. be useless there rather than drag the team down because you have no integrity to engage the enemy.

The bombers fly on a suicide course with direct heading to target - no taking a route, approaching from the side, remaining undetected - nah - just fly directly at the enemy team - then complain bombers suck…

Fly an attacker - cool - make it your priority to kill the insignificant targets - - - dont shoot the tanks or pillboxes that heavily influence ticket bleed and give you lots of points. - - - - that is too smart, shoot the irrelevant stuff that does not hurt enemy nor gives our team an advantage…

Honestly i just wanna fly without having to do everything every single time meanwhile my team has capability to do something worthwhile - but instead choose to go for the easy option that is not worth jack.

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You are great, please keep posting these


And this is why I dont play ARB, its TDM. Kill the other team is the only objective. Check out SB

i would mate, but ya know when i get back from work i dont wanna get the headset on, rudder pedals, flight stick, head tracking etc etc.

But i guess that is my choice. still frustrating though.

Quite a few fly with Mouse and keyboard in SB and a fair few just a gamepad, I have no idea how I personally just use a basic hotas set up. You dont need fancy set up for it

yea i cant do m+kb for sim. if not natural, cant do it.
My guys always tell me to get into it tho, i will eventually.

Its a huge learning curve, there is no doubt about it. But I cant touch ARB anymore, except for the odd game in a spitfire. I find lower tiers quite a bit harder than jets. but again, that is just another learning curve that I dont have the patience for. But I enjoy my Tornado

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i understand how to fly etc and tactics etc but i just feel its not something you can casually hop on and off like air rb, especially after a few beers.

Yeah, its a different mindset, and the controls are definetly harder, especially with no SAS mode

You know I have played this game for years and very rarely has my bomber had a fighter escort. It’s so rare that it feels weird when it happens.

It is annoying to be the one fighter side-climbing and see three or four fighters peel off to go after the first bomber they see (which is most likely a bot, especially if it’s a Ju-288C).

Yeah sometimes we just want to ground pound. Grab your favorite attacker and go to town on those pillboxes.

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Why shouldn’t I? Gaijin said I can play 6.0 and rake a lot of money playing USA and killing 288.

yes but the matches are crap. i know.

Look, I used to play German late war prop, but the team is just not making me having fun, so I just switched team and have fun killing bots in 288, that’s it.

Feels good killing them doesn’t it.

Fifteen thousand silver lion is fifteen thousand silver lion, if I don’t get to make money with Ta-152 then I’ll make money with Mustang H and Corsair 4B, and I will make sure that it’s fun while it lasted.

Especially good in a spitfire. Funniest moment ive ever had at that BR was taking out the last player in a Ju288 camping their AF because they were winning on tickets by shouting “FOR LONDON” in all chat before diving from 20k ft down to about 5k where the Ju288 was camping and ramming them out of the sky.

Dont get me wrong, that br bracket sucks. But it can have its moments and on occasion quite fun

It’s better when the 288s get pulled up to 7.0 but that rarely happens.

Only time i fly in arb im in the Plagis Spitifre at 5.7. So thats only ever Ju288s, which are pain to deal with, especially since real shatter

Well the game mod kinda sucks and Gaijin also doesn’t provide any tutorials or exercises whatsoever how to fly effectively appart from some basic controls tutorial :/

this, they should pull this shit into 6.7 more often than they pulled 5.0 to 6.0

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