Fennek SWP - Modern silent Anti-Air defence

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Hello all, today I want to present a modern Dutch approach to Short range air defence: The Fennek SWP, in service since 2008.

TL;DR: A KNDS Fennek armed with 4 stingers



After the collapse of the Warsaw Pact in 1991, many reorganizations and cutbacks were implemented in the Dutch armed forces. In the army the anti-aircraft artillery was reduced to one division (25th Afdlua) with three batteries of Flycatcher/40L70G and five batteries of armored anti-aircraft artillery (PRTL). The Airmobile Brigade was provided with STINGER teams. Despite the cutbacks, investments were made in new systems and improvements to existing systems. The Army Ground Based Air Defense System (AGBADS) was introduced in the Army between 2006 and 2009, consisting of TRML radars and six Norwegian Advanced Surface to Air Missile System (NASAMS) launchers for six AIM-120 AMRAAM missiles each. These systems were housed at the 11th and 13th Air Defense Batteries. To replace the PRTL and Flycatcher/40L70G, the Stinger Weapon Platform (SWP) Light (two Stingers on a gun carriage in the bed of a Mercedes-Benz GD250) and the SWP Medium (four Stingers on a Fennek chassis) were introduced in 2008. 18 Fenneks with the SWP turret were deployed to 13 Luchtverdedigingsbatterij ‘Ypenburg’. The silent engine and low silhouette of the Fennek are perfect for SHORAD.
Image above: Grondgebonden Luchtverdedigingscommando aka Joint Ground-based Air Defence Command
Verenigd op de grond, daadkrachtig in de lucht (“United on the ground, decisive in the air”)


Weight Length Width Height
ca.10,4 tons 5,58 m 2,55 m ca. 2,5 m

Crew: 3 (commander, driver, gunner)
Armour: Aluminium rated STANAG 4569 Level 3
Speed: 112 km/h on road & 23 km/h reverse
Range: 1.000 km on road or 460 km cross country
Turn radius: 6.43 m
Engine power: 240 hp
Power to weight ratio: 23 hp/t

Munition type FIM-92 Stinger SAM
Mount PMADS remote weapon station by Aselsan
Ammunition 4 missiles in mount, 4 missiles inside as reserve
Elevation & Traverse Powered
Smoke system 2x3 smoke grenade discharges
Fire suppression Automatic
Night Vision Yes
Fire Control IR camera, TV camera, Laser Range Finder

View of the gunner in this article

View of the gunner in this article:

Place in War Thunder

This vehicle would have a BR of about 9.7.
However in which nation this vehicle will end up in is open for debate:

Regarding nations


The Dutch Fennek SWPs serve in the 13 Luchtverdedigingsbatterij ‘Ypenburg’, which together with the German Flugabwehrraketengruppe 61 (Ocelot and Wiesel with radar) form the unit Bi-National Short Range Air Defence Task Force (BSTF).

This Task Force, led by Dutch or German officers depending on the NATO excercise, would be a good argument for the addition of this vehicle to bolster the German tech tree. Since the 1990s Germany and the Netherlands have seen many cooperations and Task forces formed by combining their battalions into combat ready groups according to NATO demands with the limited budgets available to both nations. Germany is also the only other user of the fennek platform, with about 200 in stock, compared to the Dutch that have over 400. Although this vehicle would not fill any gap or capability in the German tech tree, it would still be a nice addition to any line-up.


As the BeNeLux subtree for France has been announced in the update seek & destroy France has the highest chance of recieving dutch equipment., however an independent BeNeLux would also be very possible by the large amount of ground-, air- and naval vehicles that have been part of these nations. The three BeNeLux nations (Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourgh) share a long history of economic cooperation through their union. However, this cooperation has not been limited to just matters of justice, economy or education. Policing and defence are also integrated for certain parts of these nations’ armed forces. Militairy donations to other nations go through the BeNeLux diplomatic channels regularly. For further info please go to: BeNeLux (Belgium, Netherlands & Luxembourg) Ground Forces.
The fennek would be the token missile-based Short range Anti-air of any BeNeLux or Dutch tech tree.


On the field


Driver sits in the middle of the vehicle:

Unloaded Mount:

3 Fennek SWP on the beach in Poland, Ustka, during the exercise Tobruq Legacy (June 2019):

Joint Ground-based Air Defence Command (Defensie Grondgebonden Luchtverdedigingscommando (DGLC)) Weapon systems anno 2018:



It seems most likely that this will go to the BeNeLux sub-tree in France, but Germany would also be a good option. +1

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Some extra pictures.



An example of a ‘silent’ SHORAD exercise: CERBERUS DAGGER

Mobility is key for these SHORAD systems.
Oorlog van Venlo tot Nijmegen | 04 | Landmacht (defensie.nl)

+1, for France

+1 santal v2

well, this Dutch vehicle doesn’t have a search radar. But the stingers it carries do have IRCCM, which the mistrals of the SANTAL currently lack~~, but it would indeed be a good addition to france nonetheless.

mistrals have IRCCM

yeah, and Mistrals can’t fire sometimes without any reason.