F9F panthers need lower BRs

Their BRs are too high compared to their capabilities. Because they are 8.0 and 8.3, they need to face missile-armed jets like F3D demon ,Q-5 Fantans or A-4 skyhawks. Just like F2H banshee, panthers seriously needs lower BR, or buffs

When compared to counterparts such as MiG-15 and A5 Sabre, Swift F.1, F9Fs are really fine at its BR.


F9F-2 already went down at the start of the year F9F-5 should ve as well. Performance is very similar better engine offset by more weight and being more sluggish. WEP lasts very short amount of time and bit better top speed doesn’t help when F-86 A5 has 200km/h higher one. F9F-5 simply should ve went down with F9F-2 they still will face mig 15s and sabres and will get run down but 0.3 br lower than those is about where they fit.

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How do you figure?

Mainly it is due to the performance its armament.
Even though the AAM is an AIM-9B, moving down what can carry x4 AIM-9Bs at 8.0BR would complete joke and the missile spam against the Me 262 A-1a, Kikka, P-80s etc is very unacceptable.

From a comparating other 8.0BR jets, the F9F-8 is a little too good when compared to the Me 262 C-2b and La-15/La-174, which are really fine at 8.0BR.

BTW, both F9Fs were 9.0BR back then.

I’m going to stop you right there. This post is about the Panthers. Not the Cougar.

This topic is including F9F-8 for somehow.

F9F-5 is 8.3 last I remember


Wait it has same BR with F9F-8???

Really bruh.

Yeah. Not that long ago all THREE were 8.3 and they were that BR for 3-5 years. Only the F9F-2 saw some mercy recently.

It’s still too high. F9F-2s are totally outmatched to planes like meteor and J29F
F9F-5…has same BR with missile aircrafts like cougar

What BR do you think the panthers should be?

F9F-2 should be similar as thunderjets, like 7.3~7.7
F9F-5 can be 8.0

So F9F at 7.7, F9F-5 at 8.0, F9F-8 at 8.3?

Or to be little lower, F9F-2s go at 7.3 like banshee did, and F9F-5 goes at 7.7

I don’t think the Banshee is currently at a good place at 7.3. It feels much more like a 7.7 aircraft in my experience. I would say the same is true easily for a F9F-2 which is a little better than the F2H-2 as well.

no, definitely not. they out perform other jets in the 7.0 range drastically, their engines are much stronger and faster to react when compared to something like an Me-262.

I have flown both the F2H and am grinding through the modules of the F9F, its absolutely fine at its current BR.

Then the MD.452 needs to go down, too.

In 8.0 BR, F9Fs usually doesn’t meet 262s, Banshees does
Panthers at 8.0 or 8.3 usually meets way more advanced crafts like F3H-2s, Q-5s, A-4s

well Im not talking about the F2H. Im talking about the F9F…

and it does, there is a 7.3 Me 262 which the F9F meets in a downtier and runs rings around, and theres an 8.0 Me 262 which is still pretty pathetic against it.

then you have things like the R2Y2s that are also at 8.0 and are pathetically weak when compared to the F9F, and sure those planes are absolutely over BRd but its a pretty strong proof that the idea that the F9F deserves to be lower is laughable.