F9F panthers need lower BRs

Which is rare. Most F9F panthers gets banged by missiles from higher tier jets or by the better jets like meteor or J29F

So? So does every 8.0 jet, that doesn’t mean that one specifically deserves special treatment.

Because F9Fs have clearly bad capability compared to similar 8.0 jets like sabre, mig-17s
I don’t know about the 262s, I never have flown them

Mig-17 is 9.0

Except they literally dont, they are great performers in their BR.

there is one F-86 sabre and one Mig-15 at 8.3, the rest are 8.7+. The Mig 17 is 9.0.

Also, checking your stats, you have ONLY flown US planes and you have flown 17 aircraft in realistic battles, total. How could you possibly know that the F9F under performs when its the first plane you’ve unlocked at that BR?

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