F86F-40 JASDF Lower BR

Compared to other aircraft sitting at 8.3-8.7 with access to early air to air missiles, the JASDF underperforms at 9.0 in RB. The aircraft is capable in the hands of an experienced pilot but I see no reason it could potentially be up tiered in to 10.0 games. I just want to have this discussion and see if other players agree that this plane deserves a BR review.

The Sabre has a superior engine to 8.3 & 8.7 Sabres while having AAMs. It’s fine at 9.0.

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F-40 Sabre has same engine with F-25 Sabre but, Japanese one and Taiwanese one has longer wing and wing slats so, they are more manuverble.

Probably, You confused CL-13s that has better engine and top speeds.

Anyway, 9.0BR is fine imo since other “old top dogs” such as F-2 Sabre and MiG-17, Hunter F.1 is still sitting at 9.0BR.


The problem is not the BR. The problem is the compression they need to keep raising the BRs and moving the appropriate vehicles up so stuff like the F40 can have a better time.


This is the correct answer. What is an F-84G going to do against a Sabre F-40? Even a lot of 8.3s and 8.7s (F9Fs, F-86A-5s, even F-86F-25s) can’t really fight it. The same argument about uptiers can be made in regards to the MiG-19s which if anything should be far higher in BR (they used to be 10.0!).

What needs to happen instead is a removal of planes like the Su-25K and A-10A from the Korean War and early Vietnam War era matchmaker. IMO ideally they should get their own mode or bracket, but if they don’t it’s still better for these two planes to have a bad time somewhere above 10.3 than for them to ruin nearly every plane from 9.0-10.0.


There should always be a chance for F-84Gs to fight Sabres and Mig-15s
Same with Sabres vs Mig-19s. Should be possible.
But be patient, cause Gaijin needs to figure out how to decompress ground and that’ll take time.

Probably this may be an unpopular opinion, but to begin with, the following “old top dog jets” should not face every supersonic jets in the game.

  • F-86A-5 (also probably CL-13 Mk.4 as well?)
  • F-86F-25
  • F-86F-2
  • F-86F-40
  • F9F-2
  • F9F-5
  • F9F-8
  • FJ-4B/FJ-4B VMF-232
  • CL-13A Mk.5
  • MiG-15
  • MiG-15bis
  • MiG-17/J-4
  • Hunter F.1 (also probably J34 as well?)
  • G.91 R/1
  • Vautour IIA
  • Vautour IIB

Most of these enumerated vehicles were once the last of the TTs for a very long time, from 2013 to the end of 2018. Except for the matchmaking changes around 2018, these vehicles were the most balanced in War Thunder from CBT to the present. However, Gaijin ruined everythings post 2019 because of implementing AAMs and supersonic jets.

TBH, I would like to back pre 2017 and play old top tier again because it was most enjoyable games ever I experienced. Also almost all of the once massively skilled players and community, including my friends, have left the game due to the power creeping in the last few years.


agree so much.
I miss when mig-15 and sabre were top dogs.
I used to use my Vampire alot.
Much more balanced back then and the pilots were much better.
High tier jets is just a chaotic mess with little structure and the playstyles up there are absolutely IDENTICAL to rank 1 playstyle both in terms of mentality of players and manoeuvre’s - (if you wanna call em that).
Sigh, i miss those days.

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Could be worse, it used to be 9.3. that sucked donkey balls, nothing but 10.3 uptiers with F-5Cs.

Its a lot nicer at 9.0 frankly. The real issue is BR compression to be honest.


I joined top tier games when people complained about how CL-13A Mk.5 was broken overpowered.
Also I still remember when people scared to the CAT, 100, and KLAN, Eurus, Woona etc back then.
When their squad was on the enemy team, most of the time my teammates were gone in just a few mins.

Who would have ever thought that the era of “If you’re not the fastest plane, you’re basically useless” would be the most balanced and enjoyable period this game has ever had?

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matter of opinion i guess.

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