F4S phantom 2 feels impossible to use at its current br

Chaff shouldnt affect pulse doppler. But only in a head-on situations. Will potentially affect radar lock in rear-aspect, though not all aircraft have all-aspect PD. Aircraft like the F4s probably wont get PD lock in rear aspect.

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Wait until he uses the other F-4S AKA the F-14A.
F-4S is good.

you shouldnt bomb in a phantom. they are great fighters especially the f4s

This is not just a you problem. It is a problem that has affected American teams across the entire 11.3-12.3 BR range: the F-4S is one of the most popular rank 7 premiums and by far the most common activity in it is bombing. . . which distorts the statistics of other american vehicles because the America + Japan combo loses due to bombing phantoms. They make a business at losing. They are amazing at losing.

That means the F-5E players are losing way too often when they get uptiered (which is not uncommon) and it distorts F-5 stats, which is why the F-5E is at a BR of 10.7 clubbing the living hell out of everything up to 11.0.

PSA: stop bombing in the F-4S. The plane’s weapon + performance kit is honestly fine and the only better 11.3 plane is the MiG-23MLD.

Then don’t load up on 6 tons of bombs. You have a PD radar and sparrows, that’s enough for good air to air fights, plus AIM-9Hs.

Because it’s easier and you’re more likely to at least get some RP and SL out of a match as running a strict A2A loadout against technologically superior opponents is a hard gamble.

And yet it easily outruns strike aircraft like the Tornado

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If you play with a plane of the same rate as yours, Phantom Jet is not bad and you can at least play normally, but I got tired, the rate always goes up in the game and it just makes you nervous.

The only jet rate 11.3 that can deal with high rates is the MiG 23. The development team should really think about this matchmaking. No matter how professional you are, it is still not fair. This game does not only have professional players but also regular players. Radar that most of the time does not lock on the target at all. Most of the players come stuck to the ground. We are really sick of this purchase, never buy this jet.

Definitely, most of the people who buy this jet are not professional players and want to explore America with it.
The game’s matchmaking is ridiculously painful. I’m willing to wait 10 more minutes to at least be in a game that matches my rate.

Even in the tank, sometimes I am top rated and I see people whose rate is lower than mine can’t even do the slightest damage to me and I feel guilty, believe me, this situation is not fair at all and makes the players even more angry. he does. Our goal is to enjoy this game because it is entertainment, but this approach of the Gaijin development team only increases the nerves among the players.