F4S phantom 2 feels impossible to use at its current br

the f4s is way to slow to get to bases and its even harder to destroy bases when going up against SU-27 and other 12.3, its also impossible to get close and behind enemies so i can use AIM 9H due to speed and overall weakness to superior aircraft. the AIM 7F and radar cancel lock when the enemies flare/chaff meaning my missiles never hit, it doesn’t matter what playstyle i adopt the F4S lacks in everyway and makes it a horrible jet. i don’t think it should be moved down in br i just think that all the aircraft 12.0 and above should be moved up as this would give me somewhat of a chance in normal/downtiers.

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The 12.3 aircraft should be 12.7 but they won’t move them up there because then they cant feed on 11.3 premiums


yea i wasted $100 on the f4 sadly

They made the current premiums useless so that the upcoming premiums will feel useful

Bought f4s few days ago,tried air rb flyied liek a brick cant even get anywhere aim7 are working cometimes cant turn gets killed 3-km away rwr dont even detect enemy missles,treid sim su27 says hello,uslees plane at this br

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It’s all 11.3s and they have been for a while, pretty much since December 2022 but the recent round of 12.3s has made sure 11.3s are totally unplayable and almost always see uptiers

What do you expect?

Spend some money and get better stats?
Yout stats on the F4S fits your over all stats, so what?

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The F4S is not a “beginner friendly” aircraft. Especially not in its current BR. Once top BR goes to 12.7, it will get slightly easier but the F4, in general, is not the easiest plane to use in Air RB.

I would always suggest the F5C over the F4S and ofcourse the Mig-23ML is probably one of the best premiums for Air RB atm.

With the F4S, If you’re looking to just bomb bases, you will struggle. This is pretty true with any jet at top tier Air RB. BR’s above 10.3 are not ideal for base bombing so if that’s mostly what you want to do, try to remain at 10.3 or below.

If you already bought the F4S and you’re looking to be as effective as possible in Air RB, you need to play as a support plane. I’d advise against taking bombs. Take just you’re Air to Air weaponry and the centerline vulcan cannon.

As with most planes in Air RB, you want to stick near your team mates, stay low, and you don’t want to be the first one into the furball. Try remaining as fast as possible and pick off unsuspecting enemies that are turning in for your team mates that entered the furball first.

You don’t want to be too focused on one target. Dont turn your back to the enemy team immediately chasing one enemy. Rather focus on multiple enemies at the same time. If anyone is approaching higher than you and head-on, lock them up with ur radar and use ur Aim 7 on them.

As soon as you pass the spotted enemies, whether you’ve gotten a kill or not, keep going. Keep your speed and keep looking around to see if anybodies chasing you.

You’re basically using boom & zoom tactics but unlike props ur using these tactics horizontally rather than vertically.

If nobody is chasing you, turn back towards the furball and re-engage unsuspecting enemies or head on, high enemies.

If you’re being chased, you are likely going to be out-run. Note what plane is chasing you and pre-flare. Try to drag them away from the furball as far as possible to isolate them. The F4S bleeds a ton of energy in a turn so you’re going to want to setup a situation where you force an overshoot. Cut ur engine to 0%, flare, and start turning hard. I usually put my airbrake on too.

Sometimes you’ll just die here. Especially if your out of flares or the enemy has good aim with their gun. But if you avoid the enemies nose and force an overshoot, immediately turn back into them. Do a “flat scissor” move. And spray your vulcan. If you miss, remain in a one-circle fight and keep scissoring. You’ll get one or two shots at the fast enemy before they start to gain an advantage. If you miss all your shots, try to disengage, gain speed and setup the same one circle scissor fight again.

This is your best bet for using the F4S in the current 16 v 16 TDM that is Air RB.


Skill issue, F-4S shoudnt bomb, use Sparrows


The F-4S, Mig 23ML, and most of the other commonly spammed premiums are fine, they shouldn’t be consistently doing well in a max uptier, the same can be said for all vehicles in the game.

In terms of radar missiles, F-4s and Mig 23ML more or less already have top tier weaponry, with near-top tier IR weaponry, they’re comparable to tech tree 11.3 planes which struggle against the current top jets, but don’t have a completely unwinmable fight.

Gaijin is losing money from players like me due to BR compression. I would have bought the Phantom S in preorder, but not if it meets Mig-29 and Su-27 lmao.
Same case with the Tornado and A-10.

That´s already -200GJN from me, that Gaijin will never get, multiplied by tens of thousands of players not willing to subject themselves to this BR compression torture.

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The F4S is onenof the best premiums for grinding
The whole of top tier isn’t beginner friendly

If you didn’t learn how to play the F-4J, I don’t know what to tell you. It has the exact same play style.

11.3 jets are just food for 12.3s now days, gaijin need to decompress the brs ASAP

Buys fighter then complains that it cant bomb well. It should do well assuming it is not a full uptier. Unless they nerfed aim9h. Been a while since i used it.

So,… from my PoV of Non-Owner:
F-4S is Spammed by players → if it’s impossible why they bother to play it?

F-4S does have access to latest possible technology added for F-4 IRL, with a 10 missile loadout

Yet i see a lot of players saddling their F-4S with a ton or 2 of bombs → reducing by a large amount their already outperfomed capabilites

Why would people, in their research of an Aircraft to fight at high tier, would use Bombs?

Then, i asked myself about how i would play it, since i already played Several F-4 variant in this game → and the answer is that i would do it without bombs.

Now,… concerning missile problems:
As you know already you’re aircraft is NOT a Top Tier aircraft for the game → in such being a secondary fighter is an option (being secondary doesn’t mean bombs/rockets).

In such you will have fun engaging ennemies that are ALREADY engaging another people.

Yes as they should have had released their new premium fighter already but they haven’t… And they can’t as it still wouldn’t be effective enough.

BR decompression is absolute need NOW
Decompress reactive era. For ww2 era planes we have almost 5 Full BR steps between all versions of same planes(e.g. Bf109). For reactive era 1.0 BR step for 20 years gap of technology.

Compression is a problem across the entire spectrum of jet BRs.

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F-4 is a multi-role gen3.