F4 ej kai lacks of lead indicator on hud

The ej kai f4 its a over battle ratinged plane add back the jdam add aam3 and gun lead on the hud

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AAM-3 would make it 12.3, so no.
It’s among the best 11.7s in the game, better than F-14A.

this is wrong

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Keep it like it is.

The Phantom air frame doesn’t lend itself very well to the fighter role, and AAM’s would just over tier it.

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F-16 radar with AIM-7Fs.
AIM-9Ls for WVR.
Made getting two aces back to back against Mig-29s and F-16s rather easy.
All that makes it worse than an F-16 is its airframe, but it also gets two more radar missiles.

I don’t mind if gajin implemented add AAM-3, 2x AIM-9P replace with AIM-9L, increase lock range AIM-7F 40 → 55 km, AIM-7M instead AIM-7E, and expand to 12.3 BR in major update " Alpha Strike" but JASDF never deployed JDAM

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They do have jdams

the radar and 9l’s are its only advantage over the f14a
f14a is faster, more manueverable by a landslide, i guess you could count the niche phoenixes, it has more radar missiles. i would much rather play the f14 which is an actual 11.7 aircraft than play an 11.0 f4ej with better radar and missiles


okey but the lead indicator working in air rb why no implement to the hud ? ej kai use f16 blk20-50 hud and no have a “gun tunnel”… and nobody cares that

The f15j is 12.3. Are you saying that the f4ej Kai would be as good as a f15 when both planes have the same missiles?

F-14A is the same speed, it has maneuverability due to 0 degree wingsweep and that’s it.
F-14A’s radar is worse.
EJ Kai is one of the best 11.7s in the game.
Mirage 2000 is the only 11.7 better than the EJ Kai.

I’m aware that F-15J is under-BR’d and should be 12.7 instead.

Nobody cares your stat. This is just the f4… and the biggest problem the br system so the ej kai always move up the 12.7.

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sounds like you just want your plane to be overpowered

yes and that maneuverability is very much better compared to a 11.0 phantom airframe with no slats
i do acknowledge the f16 radar is superior to the f14a’s one but the pros on the f14a outweigh the cons compared to ejkai

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xD j7e, any f5, f20 (after the next patch), all mirage, all kfir, all mig23 have better manouverablity then f4 xDDDD

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It’s comparison to the F-16AJ that matters most.
The fact it’s 11.7 instead of 12.0 with better loadout than F-16AJ with the only negative being it can’t dogfight…
EJ Kai is better for the BR for sure.

The reason F-4E is 11.0 is because its missiles aren’t great. AIM-9Js being the best missile it gets, and AIM-7E/E-2 depending on the F-4E on a radar that notices chaff quite easily.
F-4F is the best 10.7 gun fighter [yes, gun fighter] in the game with F-5E in 2nd.
People don’t speak about gun fighters at the top end. F-16 isn’t a gun fighter, cause it’s mostly reliant on its 6x 9Ls.

War Thunder also isn’t about dogfights.

Not really, no. It’s already a hardbody (no agile eagle slats) Phantom that can’t outrun or outmaneuver its peers at or below its BR most of the time, having to face current top-tier aircraft like the F-15s, Gripen, SU-27, and M4k.

Thinking that giving this brick AAM-3s would somehow make it overpowered is laughable at best when you consider its hard stats instead of anecdotal evidence.

F-4EJ Kai goes 1.15 mach on the deck.
That’s not as fast as Mirage 2000, and EJ Kai is as-fast as F-14A and others.

EJ Kai’s hard stats are what we’ve been talking about BTW.

Ok now lets say it was 12.3 and all the current top dogs are 12.7 and earlier versions such as f16as and mig29s are 12.0.
Do four good missiles really warrant a position where its placed higher than 12.0 4th gens and only mildly under the absolute top aircraft right now?
Radar isnt a consideration, everything has equal or similar radar
Flight performance is significantly worse, in energy retention, power plant, maneuverability, everything.
It does have 4 radar missiles, but if I could, I would trade my aim7s for additional aam3s. Doesn’t work too well when everyone flies low.

Now for whether dogfights happen, sure, they are somewhat uncommon, but I’ve died many times in a f4 because the flight performance was incapable of dodging missiles, or even just to notch.

I do not believe that a f4 with aam3s would be so much better than a f16 or mig29 at 12.0 to warrant a be of 12.3
Av8b+ are rated at a br of 11.7 as well, good radar and aim9ms do exist at 11.7.

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Four of the single best IR missile in War Thunder would warrant that yes.
AV-8B isn’t a supersonic fighter.
Mig-29 9.12 is 12.0 instead of 11.7 because of R-27ERs, and not 12.7 because it doesn’t have R-73s.
EJ Kai is 11.7 instead of 11.3 because of its 9Ls with 7Fs.

Yak-141 is 12.0 with a rather eh airframe because of its R-27T/ETs.