F16C, russian counterpart? MIG29SMT or SU-27?

Do you guys think with the new addition of the F16C they would add a mig29smt or SU-27 what do you guys think


This could have been part of the rumor thread…

there is a leak that looks very right, the leak says russia is getting the MIG 29SMT

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some people are just special


The problem is that MiG-29 SMT does not have increased performance like the Block 50 we are getting (it has worse performance than 9.13 we have in game so that’s the problem as it’s heavier while retaining the same old 9.13 engines)

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Block-50 doesnt have increased performance compare to previous F-16’s, in fact when it comes to flight performance best F-16 is Block-30 model.

Do your research properly.


block 50 has better engines while also being lighter it has better performance

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Block-50 is not lighter Block-30 is.

That new engine compansates heavier airframe.

You basically have no idea what you’re talking about.


Besides that the whole point of the SMT is that russia finaly gets a mobile/agile/fast cas plane with thermals, it isnt supposed to be an superior air fighter, but it beats SU 39 and Mig 27K by a lot, even comparable cas of other nations like the tornado


it doesnt have thermals

wrong, it can equip thermal pods, it was seen with a french targeting pod

Because Russia prefers cheap stuffs for their planes most of the time.

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yes a mockup

İt was a mockup

it was equipped with air to ground radar for cas purpose

Forget Russian counter-part. Im more interested in whether or not Britain will get a counter part, we dont have anything even close currently to whats already in game, not too mention these 12.3s being added currently.


Well problem is that there isn’t a lot to add as eurofighter won’t come any time soon as It’s just too strong compared to even the vehicles we are getting

SA Gripen or Canadian F-18’s will be best option for Britian.

As it stands, the F-16C doesn’t offer anything in terms of A-A capabilities that separate it from the F-16ADF, so I’ll go ahead and say the Su-24 Fencer, it would fulfill the ground attack role in a way that the F-16C does.

Sea Harrier FA2, Hawk 200, AMRAAM/9M for F3.

Though I dont really see the issue with Britain getting a prototype version of the EF Typhoon, with some limitations on loadouts, it wouldnt be too bad, no greater a gap than currently exist between the F-16/F-14/Mig-29 and the Tornado F3