F16 to germany?

All were in service in West and East Germany…or even both. Even the Suchois were Luftwaffe jets. Why should we give them back? Aren’t you feeling well?

Alot German stuff distributed to Sweden, Italy etc. was not in service with those countries. Show me the swedish Leopard 2A6. The Swedish Junkers 88 (many more…)…the Italian Tiger? Italian Leopard 2? Other nations get alot units added they never operated. Except Germany (let the Hunter aside, this plane is pointless and no one ever wanted it). So where’s my German F-15? F16? Hey…these were even tested with German markings on them.

Screenshot 2023-09-29 001253

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you realize that we dont have a Swedish leopard 2a6, we have a Finnish one and they did certainly operated them.


Italy has Hungarian subtree and Sweden has Finish subtree. So far only Sweden has trialed stuff in a form of T-80U and Mi-28A.

thankfuly all the swedish suggestions of trialed norwegian (K2NO, K2) got pretty much shoot in the foot as well, David_Bowie pretty muchs stated the K2NO doesnt exist eurothropy etc is only mock ups

So no (trialed) Australian KF-41 for Britain then :P

Trialed stuff opens a large can of worms XD

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for germany yes

Lets face it, will go to the US tree for “reasons”

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redback will go to UK yes

The Swedish T-80 was totally unnecessary.

those are hungarian not Italian.

Hungary is not ingame. Its just Italy, face it. You click on italian flag and play. Makes no practical difference whether its got a hungarian flag @statcard or not.

Bruh, what an ignorance?
“Italy has gained the Hungarian branch, which includes 11 ground vehicles starting from the Csaba and ending at the KF41, as well as 3 helicopters.”

Hungary has been officially implemented into Italian TT, no matter if you like it or not.


Well let’s be realistic, it’ll be shown with 9Ms in the trailer.

Eh? Dude that Is an hungarian tank not and Italian One. Can’t You even see the hungarian flag?

What are you smoking?

damn… you murdered the poor kid… :D

but this once again shows how childish this country debate is…
maybe AW’s dealer concept is the way to go…
nationalistic pride always ruins the fun in this community.

replace nations with dealers and no one cares anymore.

We can question the “gaijin format” for adding new nations to the game, but that’s another discussion.

The Hungarian nation is displayed in the Italian TT (as a sub tree, a branch or a small filler TT).


At this point, a subTT can be very decisive in enhancing a TT and I believe that all nations should have a subTT in their ranks.
Of course, the US and USSR would be the last to receive such benefits.

You sound as if “nationalist pride” is only a thing for lesser nations. Imagine the Germans or the French (or anyone else) if they didn’t have their own TT.

I agree with you that it would have been much better to have technology trees instead of national trees. As I said once, we stopped having tech trees in the game when the game moved beyond the WWII era. Gaijin chose the “nation” format probably for balance reasons and also because they get more benefits this way (they can replicate a vehicle in several nations).

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