Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 2)

and Jaguar Gr1s should have 9Ls and the Gr3A should have ASRAAM.

Unfortunately, they like to nerf the A2A of the jags by quite a bit (though in fairness, probably for the best)

It should do, I don’t know French designations but IIRC all French jag’s are just called Jaguar A (other than 2-seat Jaguar B) so I suspect they will split them for one early one late, but then you wouldn’t have a 10.3 aircraft with LGB’s.

They really want to make them A2G designated planes.

Except the one you gonna have, wich gonna be the best Jag thanks to Magic2.

Yeah these things aren’t really dogfighters, if they’d have gone through with the big-wing Jaguar or RR spey jaguar (or fused both) then we could’ve had ourselves a JH-7A moment.

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Now imagine Jaguar MAX…


We have no current plans to remove this vehicle. It serves it’s intended purpose in the tree and Argentine vehicles are currently placed in the German tree.

Let’s please remain on topic.


Does this mean germany gets a break for once and we can annoy UK for getting french stuff?

HOOORAYY germany is innocent for once


its in argentinian use /was, what do you not understand about that lol

Don’t worry, we still hate you <3


that ones nice i guess


Well you can’t since you will be banned lol

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dont know what u mean

Let’s see:

Japan still has the best M36

Israel has the best M60

China is still the only tree with the M8 Greyhound in the tree.

Italy has the best production M26

Israel has the best M48

Israel has the best M163

Israel has the best Chaparral.

And I have no problem with this, because I’m a normal person that doesn’t go “oh no poor france poor me everyone notice how we suffer” almost everytime a devblog is posted.

Also I’m totally a US main when I have 5 nations all the way up to 11.7 ground.


OK, When currently gaijin confirm commonwealth nations (Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa & India) as part of the british tech tree

I guess in the future we might see another 3rd gen, 4th gen & 4+ gen aircraft from Indian to british tech tree in rank VII ~ IX

Are you all really hyped for a C&P Jaguar that will be overtiered and DoA?


You have no problem with this because you are an US main (still your most played nation) and this things not gonna stop your TT be massivly played and loved with addition by Gaijin.

Things like that don’t hurt your TT.

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Not bad, not bad


Dude like on 1 - 10 how much vitamins have you taken recently ?

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5 nations all the way to top tier ground on my end. But I’m not suprised you came to that conclusion.

You are clearly the exception to the general “french players are usually very good players” concensus.


Well yes, i never said i was a good player.

And that’s the sad thing, i play stuff that are overBRed (and repair cost) because few people play them good :)

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