F16 to germany?

Because we wont be getting the typhoon any soon and its hard to compete with them, the Netherlands is operating F16 it would be cool to have one in the tech tree, or because Gaijin needs to make money they could also make it a premium or squadron vehicle.

Could really balance out F15 and F16 superiority and create some diversity for the fighters we can use


Germany did test F-15’s, so they could add those or polish F-16’s



We do not plan to add aircraft from the Netherlands to Germany. We are working on new vehicles for Germany across multiple ranks. There will naturally be some periods where nations will have capability gaps if there are limited / few options to choose from. For the time being however, the MiG-29G is currently competing sufficiently with many of the other top aircraft in game.


A netherlands subtree would be amazing with all the vehicles they use but i doubt they will since its mostly copypasta, maybe do a Apache or smth

Any reason why you cant or you guys just not willing to

We have other vehicles planned for Germany that do not involve the Netherlands. Right now however, we do not have anything further to announce.



no denied already most likely F4ICE


Why would you give a Netherlands sub tree to Germany? Why not France or China ?

Typhoon has been denied as its basically leagues ahead of where we are with current airframes even in its earliest iterations so it wont come till i estimate december patch this year at earliest and at latest december 2025

How does the netherlands even come close to China? And the Netherlands has better proximity to them, just like how the Greek Apache is in the US tree or Tam in the german tree

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well i am just gonna hope for switz ones then

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swiss F18

@mr_boo so that point goes to you, netherlands got denied for germany. for now at least

How is South Africa Close to the UK?


maybe because netherlands and germany share a close relationship and their ground forces are even fused together and interact as one?


They were a UK colony but they have close relations as well so 🤷‍♂️

it was a ex colony and south Africa is currently a common wealth member state. Btw a small part of south africa was a dutch colony.




Far too early for this type of aircraft anytime soon.

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