F16 to germany?

Bruh, what an ignorance?
“Italy has gained the Hungarian branch, which includes 11 ground vehicles starting from the Csaba and ending at the KF41, as well as 3 helicopters.”

Hungary has been officially implemented into Italian TT, no matter if you like it or not.


Well let’s be realistic, it’ll be shown with 9Ms in the trailer.

Eh? Dude that Is an hungarian tank not and Italian One. Can’t You even see the hungarian flag?

What are you smoking?

damn… you murdered the poor kid… :D

but this once again shows how childish this country debate is…
maybe AW’s dealer concept is the way to go…
nationalistic pride always ruins the fun in this community.

replace nations with dealers and no one cares anymore.

We can question the “gaijin format” for adding new nations to the game, but that’s another discussion.

The Hungarian nation is displayed in the Italian TT (as a sub tree, a branch or a small filler TT).


At this point, a subTT can be very decisive in enhancing a TT and I believe that all nations should have a subTT in their ranks.
Of course, the US and USSR would be the last to receive such benefits.

You sound as if “nationalist pride” is only a thing for lesser nations. Imagine the Germans or the French (or anyone else) if they didn’t have their own TT.

I agree with you that it would have been much better to have technology trees instead of national trees. As I said once, we stopped having tech trees in the game when the game moved beyond the WWII era. Gaijin chose the “nation” format probably for balance reasons and also because they get more benefits this way (they can replicate a vehicle in several nations).

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hey hi hello, ‘‘german main’’ here, former Leo 2 Loader. love my german cats. dont need the kindergarden BS that is the what techtree should get what now. i can live without nations, as long as i have a game where i can play the vehiecles that im interessted in. hence why i suggested it.

not all of ‘‘us’’ are a moron…


I didn’t say you were an moron.

Only you complain about the “excess nationalism” that the community has and in the same comment you feel so proud of your German nationalism.

It is not necessary to get angry to exchange ideas, because that does not take away the fact that Hungary is in the Italian TT.

Should it continue to be called “Italian tech tree”? Complicated really.

I’m also upset that I didn’t receive my lynx, but it’s not the Hungarian or Italian community’s fault.

while im proud, i can be realistic too. and if this little change would help improving the game, i can part ways with nations for something that causes less friction within the community. cuz at the end of the day this is a damn game. games are supposed to distract you and are supposed to be fun to play. and this constant bickering ‘‘what nation should/shouldn’t get what’’ is just a fun killer…


As I had already told you, I agree with you 100% on this.

National trees make no sense, because in addition to generating these frictions, the MM sucks anyway.

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Amen brother.
Its 90% of the time civil war anyway at the times i get to sit down and play 😅

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lol, the kfir is complete overtiered dogwater.

The Kfir C.7 is under tiered honestly, if the damn flight model was fixed and you didn’t rip your wings just from normally turning then it would be much higher easily.

LMAO thanks for the laughs tbh, too much larping to be a successful troll though

Its very much not

Yes it is

Not trolling, things a murder weapon if played right, sure it’s suffers in full uptiers and lacks radar missiles, but its engine, airframe (when it’s not imploding) and missiles make it extremely capable. Haven’t played it extremely recently, but last time I picked it up after I aced it and spades it I had a bunch of good matches and a few easy aces. Absolute beast in downtiers too.