F15C should be able to carry 8 AIM120

It will be so ridiculous to cut them off for “balance” issues
If gaijin do really care about balance, why su25sm3 and its 40km kh38 exist in the game now?


bro is that an ace combat skin

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Use this post to continue the conversation regarding the current F-15C’s configuration.

Having this post here won’t address the discussion properly for developers, as it is a topic relative to the Dev Server.

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first time posting things, I will make another one at dev part. Thx for reminding

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This is unclassified, right?

yeah it had been published for years

Nothing will though, they don’t look into forums and mods pass only fraction of the info

I wondered same thing. It’s not about balance. F15c on test is 12.7…gets 4 aim120. Mig29 gets 6 amraam and su27 at br 13 gets 6 also. Once again Russia gets the best equipment…in their erector set vehicles. Russian missiles also pull 50g as opposed to American pulling 35g cuz u know…russia, russia russia. No bias though. America is also getting second best f15 in patch behind Japan…again.

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You can literally count them in some old photos…not to mention quick google search.

Still, it’s better than nothing.

My noble friend, everyone knows this! You, me and Gajin. But they always change things in the name of game balance. I don’t agree with that, but obviously they don’t do it out of ignorance but deliberately, why? I don’t know!

yeah Japanese F15J Kai may also carry 8x

8 aim120 or 4 AAM-4
and can take only 1 type to my knowledge

I mean, just because it’s technically on google or viewable in pictures doesn’t mean the information within the document/photo isn’t still classified. Plus if you see a flight manual of a “recent” military aircraft without any explicit unclassified markings you’d get worried lol

I take it you never lived on a airbase where you sit at the end of the airfield and watch them takeoff? Next…

Not watch them takeoff, just fly over all the time. I never assumed it was fine to take pictures of certain stuff (and by that I mean just having the government tell you to take down any photos you post that show stuff they don’t want out there, not like going to jail)

I doubt it is classified. But could be export restricted.

If its in public you can photograph. Atleast in this country.

You know, in BVR the 35 or 50G doesnt really make a difference. Also R-77 is kinematically way worse than AMRAAM with huge drag cause of its waffle fins, so simply looking at stat card and being like MuH MuRiCa mIssIlE bAd,pLz nErf RuSSiA is completely dumb take. Also the R-77s are on way worse platform. If anything,M2K with its 6x MICA-ERs gonna be king of BVR, definitely not SMT or 27SM/J-11A MLU

It does, it impacts how long any given pointing error correction takes to reassert the Collison course needed for a successful intercept, thus influences the energy efficiency of the missile and how well it can deal with defensive maneuvers.

With long range BVR all they need to do is turn cold, trash the incoming AMRAAM, then turn and fire of an R-27ER when the range decreases sufficiently, if you’re within the LAR of an AMRAAM the R-77’s high drag won’t be an issue anyway, and the R-27ER is always the faster option. Depending on the airframe / AMRAAM variant combo and the range it might not even go active anyway.

If they did actually fix the multitude of issues with the AIM-54, AWG-9 & AXX-1 combo the F-14B would be in the running, but I doubt they will touch them at this point.

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