Limited ARH for F-15

Why only 4 aim120? Some fighters with better FM can use 6 ARH, su-27 can use 6. But F-15 is limited for some reason?


F-15s should be able to use all pylons for AIM-120s, last I remember.
IRL at least.


Even F-15J “kai” according to things it have(parts which hints on upgrade lot) should be able to carry 8 aim120


No not even specifically the kai. It should be that just any F-15 can carry 8 AMRAAMs since they were designed to be used on Sidewinder pylons. So it should get 8, they all should.


In case of export F-15 it might be questionable if country used them. Japan does though and even used them on one of their F-15 for tests before AAM-4


It is unfair if the F-15 remains limited to just 4 ARHs when the Su-27 is still allowed to carry 6 of them on top of 4 more missiles for a total of 10, I seriously hope it doesn’t remain this way or it will be a huge let down



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They aren’t AIM-120s, they’re AAM-4s.
And only 4 AAM-4s can fit on F-15J Kai.

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F-15J doesn’t need AIM-120s, they already have better IR missiles and AAM-4 is better than AIM-120, which is a fair tradeoff for being limited to 4x IR and 4x ARH

Correct, only 4 AAM-4s. However, the F-15J “kai” should be able to take AIM-120s as well, up to 8.


Gaijin is afraid of giving F-15s their proper loadout while actively making sure the Su-27 can remain the new F-14 of top tier.


R-77 also performs worse than AIM-120A/B imo


If we are talking about fair tradeoffs, then Russian missiles should fail to launch instead of their near 100% success rate.


We found the Russian main, when you’re carrying 6 R-77s and 4 more R-73s but still need to artificially nerf F-15s so they don’t send you back to hangar


4x 9Ms and 4x 120As is a superior load to 8x 120As, it’s mostly an accuracy thing that people are going to ask for.

I meant in comparison to the F-15C, if the F-15J gets AIM-120s which weren’t even in service for Japan, it literally removes the only thing unique about the F-15C, and that being the ability to carry 8x AIM-120s.

F-15J is fine with better IR and ARH missiles in exchange for a worse loadout of them.

“Unqiue” this is a game about real life weapons, pretty sure every company that produces arms try to make some cash, if Japan used them they should get them.


It doesn’t matter when gaijin gives missiles to things that never carried them in real life like R-27ERs on Germany MiG-29s, AIM-9Js on F-4F and even R-27T on the Hungarian MiG-29 9.12B which reportedly in real life 9.12Bs which were non Warsaw Pact export versions could not use R-27Ts. If they let the R-27ER dominate the BVR arena for over a year and even brought the Su-27 without any artificial limits to their carriage why should the F-15J be excluded from a missile it actually tested in real life and is also very well compatible in real life, Japan has ordered AIM-120s as well. Why should we cherry pick and play with double standards? This is a AIM-120 on the F-15J


Another fact is the AAM-3s currently also barely turn better than the AIM-9M, check tests done by Jaek_


Just because it tested them doesn’t mean it should get them, F-15J literally already has domestic weaponry, there is no need for AIM-120s and they should remain unique to the F-15C and Israeli F-15, otherwise, might as well add AAM-3 and 4 to the other F-15s.