Please for the love of god take the F104S.TAF from 11.0 back to 10.7 where it was at originaly. At lease there we dont have to fight nothing but MIG29 Su27 F16 Mirage F15 etc. We do not have the armament nor the ability to even come close to competing with anything at 11.0 or higher which is what we see regularly. The second you take off your forced to stay very very low to not get bvm missiled but at low altitude you cant use your speed. The only thing that the F104 is known for is speed that is it yes it is still beliw average at 10.7 but at least there we can attempt to do something at 11.0 or higher we get locked when we leave runway and smacked out of the air within about 5 minuites if we’re lucky to make it that long. Please address this


it should be 10.7 seriously


Can agree with you ,however i don’t have this starfighter,but it’s so painful to see F104S.TAF players trying to compete 11.0+ aircrafts.I do not know why Gaijin put it at 11.0.So unfair.

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well as long as the non-sparrow carrying late F-104s are moved down, why not.

That’s because F-104S has better performance from F-104G(Germany) which is sitting at 10.7BR

I wonder how many - 1 death, no kills, no assists - matches I will need to go through in the thing before something happens.

Echo Sparrows are dogwater and by bringing them you lose your gun.
Papa Sidewinders at 11.0 are mid at most.
60 countermeasures.
No turning.

The problem with it going to 10.7 is there are 9.7 aircraft it will get to walk over.

High/top tier is compressed to hell and most aircraft just aren’t able to achieve much, if anything at all.

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F-104S does nothing worse to 9.7 than what every 10.7 currently does

F104 ASA needs to be 11.0 as well

Sure, but the idea should be BR decompression.

Not BR compression.

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sure if gaijin ever decides to actually do it

We’ll just have to keep arguing with Gajin over it.

Completely agree.
I’m using it to grind Italy and… literally 80% of all matches are uptier to 12.0 against swarms of F16, MIG 29 and F20s.
Even at 11.3/11.7 you will get absolutely destroyed by phoenix and AIM7F if you climb to boom and zoom… which is precisely the only thing a F104 is particularly good at since a PE8 can dogfight better than it.
Should be 10.7 without any doubt, or stay at 11.0 but with some buff to keep to competitive at such nightmarish BR, maybe giving it at least two AIM9L

dont you think they should just decompress the game

I do, but since we have been asking that for years already, i doubt it will happen anytime soon.
So i prefer to just ask something a bit more realistically possible to happen in the short time to fix the literal only premium high tier plane in the Italian tech tree

problem is F-104S would probably break 10.7 matchmaking

You have Aim-9Ps and countermeasures, no.

The better solution is further decompression of top tier and raising the max BR to 13.0, letting 12.0 planes move up.

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