F104G vs J br problems

So with new update F104J got 2 additional missiles so now it can bring 6 AIM 9Ps at 10.3 meanwhile the chinese F104G can only bring 4 AIM 9Js at 10.7, same goes for the italian F104G which yes can bring flares but only has 2 AIM 9Js at 10.7 AND the variant who can actually bring 6 AIM 9Js sits at an unconvinient br of 11.0 which means almost constant uptier at 12.0 against f16s and mig 29s.
So my question is why the hell is the japanese F104 at such a low br when it can bring more air ordinance than the chinese one, my suggestion should be to put the F104J at at least 10.7 BR and lower the chinese F104G to 10.3 based on the current balancing and maybe rework all brs for f104s in general


As far as missiles go, seems pretty fair. 9J are basically budget 9Ls after their buff.

the Italian one is worse only 1 9Js at the same BR

I think it’s a problem we have already in AirRB with a lot of CAS planes. They all have a higher BR because of the ground ordnance only make sense in GroundRB.

Imo it’s time for Gaijin to think about a seperate BR System for GroundRB.