F-4 br rating

Why is the F-4S BR so wacky? For example, one game I can get in a game with Vietnam-era jets, and then the next game, I get put into games with 4th generation rank viii aircraft, like the F-16C,ADF, and A variant. It is really confusing what loadout to use on each game, and realistically, the F-4S was made for CAS, bombing, and BVR combat, hence the horrible turn rate. Please fix the BR in the minor or major update, Gaijin Entertainment.

BR compression is fun isn’t it?

An F3H with AIM-7c and no flares can face an Su-25 with all aspect AAMs

A J35XS with aim-9P and no RWR can face an F-14 with active radar missiles

An F104 supersonic can face an Me-163 rocket glider

We can live in hope of BR decompression

Also, the F4s has a decent turn rate, comparable to others in its class (MiG-23, F1C)

I’d argue that the 11.3 premiums are in a decent place overall. The F4S has 6x AIM-7F and a functional if not fantastic radar. It can compete in BVR against everything but the Russians with R-27ER. The IRs aren’t great but they’re something.

My ideal load out would be:

  • Gunpod
  • 5x AIM-7F
  • 2x AIM-9
  • All other hardpoints 750lbs bombs

And drop the bombs if you’re getting into a fight.


thank you for telling me that i hope we have BR decomposition and just be in planes that have the same BR as us

The F-4S is too powerful to go down and not strong enough to go up. 11.3 is a really good BR that once 12.7 comes into play and sucks up all the 11.7-12.3 planes, will become the terror of the sky.


Aircraft face F-4C in downtiers and F-16 in uptiers. Fun 🥲

I don’t think so, really. 11.0 is 95% of the time uptiered to 12.0 despite 12.3 existing. I don’t think that 12.7 will reduce uptiers enough to affect the compression issue.


At the time we have virtual 13.3 battles already. Full 16 team with 12.3 only. But there are not enough of these battles.