F-16 for Germany

To diversify Germany top tier Air forces, maybe add F-16 from Turkey , Poland, Netherlands or any other proxy countries so that Germany will somewhat have diversity regarding Tier 8 Air


Well you going to need a 4th gen fox 3 plane soon its just a question of which one

F4F ICE and Eurofighter Trache 1.


Eurofighter isn’t close im afraid gonna be a year before we see it

Its abt on par with the legacy hornets, SU-30s, pre-production rafales, and Gripen D/E. Third upd of this year is my guess

F-4F ICE is gonna be mid at best, dead on arrival at worst unless it gets IRIS-T when added

Germany already has 2 Mig-29s. F-16 is unneeded.
F-4F ICE will be added to Germany shortly as well.

Begging for American equipment when domestic options exist both now and in the future.

We’re within a year for Typhoon, likely December even.

IRIS-T would mean AIM-9X, R-73M, AAM-5B, etc are added as well. So no.
It’s not needed.
F-4F ICE will be good.


It not on par with leacacy hornets it exceeds them

I believe Turkey needs its own Tech Tree instead of getting inside some other countries piece by piece, it has plenty of Aerial and Ground vehicles to accomplish this. Just like the Israeli. Germany can get the Poland F-16.

AIM-9L/i might be a good enough stopgap (AIM-9L with 9M-equivalent IRCCM) if the F-4 ICE sits at 12.0 with AIM-120B’s as well as an F-18’s radar set. Although in my suggestion post for the F-4 ICE I highlighted the IRIS-T as a possibility if it turns out the 9L/i isn’t good enough: F-4 Phantom ICE: Improved Combat Efficiency


@AlvisWisla Yeah I know there’s 2 Mig-29s, thats where request for diversity comes in obviously. F-4F ICE is not really wanted as altough missiles might be good, the plane is not and it is not very wanted. Eurofighters won’t be coming soon therefore looking for other countries equipments are at least explorable. Nobody is begging we are just requesting at least the consideration possibility. F-4F ICE WILL NOT BE GOOD.

Loved your explanation on F-4 ICE however something different than F-4F ICE would be appreciated somewhat

That would be the ideal situation, I was only suggesting countries that use F-16’s and somewhat close to Germany either by location or relation, but like you said Polish F-16’s are more than welcome as well. Like you said Turkish tech tree has more than enough to at least become a subtree.

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If anything, they’ll get Switzerland; as their squadron vehicle is Swiss, I’d have to assume that they will get a Swiss counterpart similar to Britains South Africa.


That is a good alternative as well

I want the F-4F ICE far more than any F-16.
F-4EJ Kai is good, F-4E Kurnass 2000 is OP, I really want the F-4F ICE.

I assume Poland & Turkey might be own tree but Netherlands as part of the Benelux tech tree

In my opinion, F-4F ICE not bad early fighter aircraft with active radar homing BVRAAM for germany but guess Eurofighter Typhoon Tranche 1 equal Rafale F2 and F/A-18E Super Hornet Block I

Yeah I get that, but from what I’ve seen majority is not very happy with F-4F ICE as top tier alternative, also the F-16 or even Swiss F/A18 would be pretty decent support both in air and ground.

I believe we won’t have any Eurofighters anytime soon, F-4F ICE could be decent just not as a top tier contender In my opinion as the opposition will have F/A18’s and such, missiles are very good but at one point flight performance and others matter as well

The AIM-9L(i) or L(i)-1 likely wont be as good as the 9M in-game, as im unsure if they get reduced or smokeless motors.

That being said, the other option to the IRIS-T as you mentionned, is bringing the F-4F ICE at a lower BR, but at that point, the argument that it should already be in-game (which has been a point of mine for around 1 year now) can easily be made.