Everyone play russia

Soviet tanks are just as bad as everyone else in CQB due to the same exact armor weak points as all other nations’ tanks.
Soviet tanks only do great on mid-range maps.
If WT was indeed “Russian bias” CQB maps wouldn’t exist, since they equalize the tanks more than long range & mid range maps.

that’s not how it work buddy suitable map mean anything can use it strength small map can’t vehicle like ATGM carrier can’t not do anything

I kill T-80Bs in their turret & idler wheels, and the idler wheel weakspot is only accessible in CQB, it’s literally a CQB exclusive weakspot and ALL tanks in WT have this weakspot without exception.

Welcome to CQB where all tanks are equally vulnerable because no one can use their front armor.

*No russian bias

Where player skill is involved, the data isn’t usable as it’s impossible to remove the element of player skill from a video.
In this case where shots were placed.


Thunderskill isn’t a source. Not only is it not a source, but it’s a website that measures player skill, not how powerful vehicles are.
And it does a poor job at measuring player skill.

Thunderskill has less than 2% of matches recorded in any given month.

let me tell you the fact that in modern age there are more type of combat vehicle not just MBTs such as light tanks ATGM carrier CQC maps tanks such as this cannot make use of their strength but need to play around with it weakness which made some vehicle impossible to plays

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All tanks spall, which includes Soviet tanks.
I’ve proven this with another player whose name I seem to have forgotten.
Soviet tanks are not “under-BR’d”, to claim that is to claim that T-80BVM is superior to M1A2 SEP, which it is not superior to. Worse turret, worse round, no CITV. All it has going for it is an UFP it can only use on mid-range maps, and ERA that once gone means it’s a T-80B from 10.3 that can fire 3BM60.
It’s a good tank at 11.7, and it’s not superior to any 11.7 in WT.

Su-11 is on-par with other 7.3 jets.
I ain’t one to claim you have to play the vehicles to understand them, but you admitted to having a hatred which means your judgement cannot be unbiased.
I hate BMPs, which means if I comment on them no one should take my statements seriously with exception of BMP-2M which I tried & half spaded.

I think the primary reason the average War Thunder player likes CBQ maps is they know that everyone’s tanks are equally weaker and more balanced on said maps.

I ain’t saying this is “proper”, all I’m saying is the community prefers them, and I cannot know why which leads to my opinion above.

I want to tell you about example

This is my AMX-30 super the tanks that well known to how low survivability to play this tank you can’t get hit at all and i need to fight stuff such as TURMS or Leopard 2A4 which can take my shot if in the map such as Fulda or Sand of Sinai i still have a chance to fight them since i can still use distance and dodge incoming fire but it the map like this? i can’t do anything in this tank (and some other light tanks too) the map give me no chance to fight I don’t understand that some people love CQC maps being well know that their tanks are not suitable for something like that like asking for deathwish

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Oh hey, the tank whose turret ring damage model Gaijin fixed after my bug report.

Okay, so in CQC with the OFL you’re firing, you can pen through idler wheels to hit ammo & crew as people go around corners.
Which makes the people you shoot slightly closer to your weaknesses.
Vs long range maps where they can have all their front armor at you, and they can lol-pen you.

I don’t particularly like CQC maps, but I understand them and respect the skill parity the maps cause.

Most tanks spall. And most of the most tanks spall so little you usually take out only 1 crew member while russian APFSDS spall in NATO vehicles like an APHE. Tons of videos about it. People written their experiences on plebbit and here on the forums so please stop lying.

Another lie. For example all soviet radar SPAA’s are 0.3 below their NATO counterparts. Majority of USSR MBT’s are also 0.3-0.7 below NATO counterparts.

2 tanks going 50kmh meet on the streets of Berlin, one tank has to aim for a tiny weakspot and the other tank can shoot anywhere in the hull to knock it off in one hit. Can you guess which one is which?

Lol, lmao even. Su-11, the shining beacon of russian bias. Its flight model is a Mig-15 with slightly lower top speed is on par with other 7.3 jets? Alvis, I…

I don’t get bias get in the way of my honor. If something is true, I admit it even if I dislike it. Maybe you’ve skipped the part where I stated (twice I think) that russian vehicles are balanced up to 8.0?

Goddamn you’d make a horrible lawyer.

Its got everything to do with low attention span. People need constant stimulation. More than 1 minute driving to an AO = player gets bored = he will stop playing. Same reason why they arcadified AIR RB with 16v16. I blame smartphones/social media.

You fail to realise the round fired from a long range hits the armor at a more accute angle because its fired at an arc = guaranteed penetration while 100m shot in a city hits the plates angled.

T-72s and Abrams spall identically, this is proven via protection analysis.
Round penetration is what mostly determines spall, not the round itself.
BVM & M1A2 don’t have tiny weakspots, both have massive weakspots. T-80BVM’s turret is an entire weakspot, then there’s the side armor which is what you see on CQB maps.

Su-11 accelerates far slower than Mig-15, and about as fast as Banshee. I know because I fly all aircraft involved, I am a 10 tech trees player after all.
F-84G is superior to Su-11, Su-11 is potent, it’s just not on par with anything 7.7 or higher that isn’t French.

I apologize if any statement I make or made has upset you, as that is not my intent.

I have argued against people claiming American, Russian, Chinese, etc bias cause from my perspective as a 10 tech tree player, I’ve seen as many angles as possible personally. So I know there’s no bias.
A lot of mistakes in tank modeling, in all tech trees including Soviets, and no bias.
2S38 has CV9040 ammo first stage mechanic even though it doesn’t have that IRL.

No, because then its broken netcode, booster bias, server hamsters, ghost shells, etc.

Key is to find excuse.

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Another outcry for nothing. Play USSR = 100% win in battle = forget it and depend the team and player skills. Example: new player in T-80Uk vs veteran player in leopard 1 and the veteran player still kill the T-80UK.

Protection analysis =/= what actually happens during gameplay. This has been proven. PA is a meme.

Wrong. Its actually the armor and the modules such as fuel tanks and spall shield lining. Where USSR tanks have magical invisible spall shields, NATO tank spall shields actually increase the amount of spall.

Please. I play Leopard 2A6 and even with the strongest round you can’t penetrate the turret from the front and from the sides. Only areas are back and breach. But if the T-80 wiggles, then the round gets shattered every single time.

Right, but it keeps all its energy in a full elevator turns somehow. It belongs to 7.7 at best and 8.0 at worst.

One example for all such as soviet IRL 2nd and 3rd gen thermals gets implemented as 2nd and 3rd gen thermals in the game while they have poorer capabilities than NATO’s 1st gen thermals, yet NATO’s 1st gen thermals gets added as 1st gen low grainy resolution anyway despite tons and tons of correction reports from players.

Congrats. Do you play all or most vehicles from those trees or you just used 1 high tier premium vehicle to grind out the tree without actually experiencing them?

One time its accident.
Two times its coincidence.
But three or more times its intentional.

Well i already put the topic about the map into suggestion hope mod will accept and let we what people really like

All fuel tanks eliminate spalling, which is realistic.
The armor after fuel tanks may spall depending on material & thickness.
T-80B’s turrest is lolpenned with DM43, if you ain’t penning it… lol
There’s a reason there’s a T-80B at 10.3 as well.

Su-11 bleeds energy like every other 7.3.

Su-11 does not lol

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This. I play almost every nation. I do pretty much the same with every nation.
People that think that they are losing to RUS because of “bias” are on heavy copium.
Yes there are the BR advantages at certain BRs and certain eras. Soviet ww2 tanks are great but german SPGs and AAs are the best.
Remember GER 5.3 lineup of some time back, with tigers, panthers and Jagdpanzer 4?
Remember when KW I C was at 4.3?
Nobody cried german bias then.

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