Everyone play russia

EDIT: The bias thing was a joke

Due to russian over Power, if we all play russia.
1 the russians will have to fight them selfs.
2 gaijin will have to balance game.

You may know of the term flavour of the month, were for one reason or another an iteam or a character gets nerfed or made op for balance. Russia are to strong in many ways.


I’ll never understand these guys screaming RUS bias
If you really believe so, just play RUS, you should win any battle easy then.Right?
Right …?
; )


I feel this could be made into a song of some sort.

‘I’m the only non-german main, in my squadron!’

74% win rate for this nation


In theory yes. But everyone wants to cry but no one wants to walk the walk. I did it. Russia sucks I do not mix well with their playstyle.


I’ve unlocked most of the Russian tree again and hate playing it. No way I choosing to play it if it’s not getting me anything.

I’m a bad player, but my win rates are better for Russia than UK.


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I am 😆, i would love to see britian excel but they dont with jets

You say they suck, but you have a much better kill death ratio in Russian vehicles than anything else.

edit: also the vehicles you have a positive win rate with are mostly russian

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Nah stop playing a year ago out of shame and unfair.
probably will not going back anything times soon I don’t want to stoop that low to become cheap type of players. Bombing them with F-16C and see they crying about F-16C are OP are more fun.


They will get the F-16C nerfed, and something more OP will eventually get added to the Russia tree though. It’s always a good investment to grind the easy-mode nation.

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Well right now bullying and humiliating them with F-16C and have fun laughing at them while i still can and i already invested on that easy mode nation to the top already (without premium vehicle) just stop playing it because i feel shame and feel like a cheap type of players.

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There’s no good evidence that Russian teams win more than normal. And Gaijin has no incentive to do that, crucially.

The Russian tanks ARE benefiting from bias, as can be seen from objective differences in armor effectiveness that don’t make sense, etc. But most likely, the bias is serving to pull them up from what would be a 30% win rate, to a 50% win rate. Not from 50 to 80.

NATO tanks are just better in real life, so you need to give Russian ones a crutch in order to level the playing field and let people play the Russia/NATO wargames they expected when they joined. With the match still being tense and close and sporting.


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lol funny you pop up here so where your proof russia at 50%wr or you just pulling numbers out of your butt and speaking again?

I mean, we have Thunderskill. Yes, Thunderskill is predominantly used by the more skilled segment of the player base, yet it still contains a wealth of data indicating that Russia has maintained a ~60-75% win rate over the past couple of years. Personal accounts are certainly valid; of course, they don’t carry as much weight, but they are still significant.

Then again, most people’s win rates depend on whom they play with. I have two pertinent examples of this: my 12.0 Japan lineup is almost always paired with Russia, whereas my Italy 10.7 / 10.3 lineup is almost always against Russia.

Funny that some nation like France Italy and Sweden don’t need that kind of Bias yet they still can keep their stats good why you ever wonder? maybe because most of Russia mostly played by fools only know to press W and shoot not going to lie right now only counter to Russia domination are US CAS like F-16C gonna need more than two to prevent Russian dominate also the map that seem only give advantage for Russia when i see the big map it surprises me that Russia often loses to the big map like Fulda and Sand of Sinai

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hull down maps, more suited for western mbts

well, that why high tier gameplay needs more map like those it more suitable for high tier fight not in the map such as Abandoned Factory