Everyone play russia

Gaijin is a Russian company



The company is headquartered and has almost all its employees in NATO countries. And even the Russian executives have given no sign at all over the years of being political people. The only political statement I recall them ever making was a like 2 sentence comment about the Ukraine war where they said they “Hoped for peace”. Which is ANTI-Russian if anything.

Taking people’s place of birth alone and assuming things about them on zero evidence is just racist/nationalistic/whatever.


Well i’ll having fun if i can dominate Russia with one of the hardest nation in the game because at least i use skills to wins

They also disabled chat for 6 months immediately following the Ukrainian invasion… So…

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Lol you win the internet and take the crown from Bahgdad Bob sir

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Yes, duh, because people were making the game super political and they’re NOT political people, they want it to be a fun space where people go to relax. Because it’s an entertainment product.

Nobody in their right mind running a business like this would do any differently based on the chat that was going on.

(Well they could have hired an army of moderators, but that is expensive, lol. MONEY, not politics.)

Yeah i know it well right now most of the map are dog sht CQC so Challenger 2 are just useless because it can’t use it strength i just can’t find the way to enjoy tanks anymore right now I enjoying CAS

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The hell? Why is the 2s6 so high, I feel like I have barely played it. Also that can be chalked up to me cutting my teeth on the US and after completing the US and truly learning top tier then moving to Russia.

Wouldnt be quite as DOA if it was 1/10 accurate. But alas, low priority for them to fix. So they just slapped a T-90 onto our tree instead


I bet you 50 quatloo’s you could never get usa stats to match even if u start new account

Why would I start over to begin with and slog through WW2?

Edit: what is a quatloo?

Mah Brits just need light tanks not T-90 really but Gaijin just give us T-90 anyways

Then you can prove us wrong tho instead of debate lets see u get those stats in top tier usa or any nato country

Ah yes the impossible dare of “one man army” the enemy all by myself for god knows how long to help you feel better about your self. How about you do it?

Top ground is already balanced, so nothing would change.

Sure will get back to you in 6 weeks im not afraid to try

Increasing the BR of a vehicle is a nerf. Nerfing the ammo, reload, or taking away features it had is also a nerf.

Im in the world of pain playing soviet ground at 9.3~10.0…

Writing as a member of the ru forum, the soviets have already got everyone. Every fuckin patch the Soviets are given an imb, which destroys the gameplay of all other nations.

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Hungary is NATO country only in name.