Everyone play russia

I mean, we have Thunderskill.

I could give you a sheet of literally random numbers, and you’d “have that” too, so what? Pretty much the same thing. The sample is horrible and skewed, the data is ALL out of date (almost every single vehicle has the wrong BR, etc), and there’s like at least 12 software bugs I know of, some of which seem to be solely to blame for almost all the extreme cells in the heatmap. Most of all that anything on Thunderskill written as “NULL” is shown on the heatmap as “0%” which is hilariously bad.

yet it still contains a wealth of data

No, it contains a wealth of useless garbage numbers that tell you nothing about the actual game.

Then again, most people’s win rates depend on whom they play with. I have two pertinent examples of this: my 12.0 Japan lineup is almost always paired with Russia, whereas my Italy 10.7 / 10.3 lineup is almost always against Russia.

And why do these

Funny that some nation like France Italy and Sweden don’t need that kind of Bias yet they still can keep their stats good why you ever wonder? maybe because most of Russia mostly played by fools

  1. They have less bad tanks that don’t need as much of a crutch to compete

  2. Yeah, maybe Russian mains are less skilled, that would also be a valid reason, but… so what? And?

I said “Most likely” not "definitely true. The reason is:

  • Zero incentive for Gaijin to lie about this.

  • 50% win rates being the universal gold standard for what to balance for in every single other PVP game ever in the world, and what humans in general find fun. So a very strong monetary incentive TO do it that way.

  • Lack of any good evidence to the contrary.

BS we all know Brits and Italy are one of the worst tanks to play Italy have no armor Brits are too slow and also almost no armor

And you need to buff them to compensate due to players incompetent instead of letting them learn it the hard ways how to use it? this is how we gonna play? because that what minor nation do for the entire times learn and adapt if you don’t you can’t wins

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British mains are famously considered by basically everyone to be more skilled than average. So yes, I agree they also needed a crutch, but already had one: skilled drivers.

instead of letting them learn it the hard ways

If your game is super lopsided and one side always wins, nobody will “learn the hard way” about anything. They won’t be having fun, so they will quite simply uninstall and leave. Unlike people losing their IRL jobs and being kicked out on the streets or something, there is no such thing as “the hard way” in an OPTIONAL video game that you only have a reason to play if it’s fun. Miserabl = players just leave.

Meanwhile, it’s not fun for the NATO guys either, if it’s all lopsided, since they just get free wins they didn’t really earn, and it’s not satisfying or fun either way.

Everyone leaves. gaijin goes bankrupt. Bad plan. 50% win rate balancing → everyone has fun → people stay → $$$

Lmao, I can’t believe you are arguing for making nation’s vehicles intentionally weaker than they should be just because they’ve more skilled players



There’s literally no other possible way to balance a game if you like not being bankrupt. Which is why 99% of all other PVP games in the world from Starcraft to Fortnite to COD to Age of Empires, to … Chess, to professional sports (worst team gets first draft pick next year to push toward 50% win rates) to boxing (weight classes to push toward 50% win rates), to Monopoly at the kitchen table where you help your very young brother to avoid dumb mistakes so he can have a chance… ALL balance toward 50% win rates. That’s how you make games, because that’s how humans work.

… You are using chess?

The sport example only works for american sports.

If Gaijin wouldn’t roleplay as a game with semi-realistic vehicles, your point would be cool, wouldn’t make sense, but it would be retaional - but they do, and making vehicles weaker than they are, is not the way to go.


Yes, Chess uses ELO to match people, which makes everyone have almost exactly 50% win rates, because that’s most fun and sporting. I included diverse non video game examples to demonstrate how ABSOLUTELY UNIVERSAL this concept is. ALL games require balancing toward 50% win rates. Gaijin ignoring what is quit possibly the #1 most important golden rule of games = Gaijin would lose.

Realistic simulator games are no exception, nor are arcade pew pew games, or any other kind of game.

Chess doesn’t nerf queen of more skilled person while he’s playing against inferior opponent for inferior opponent to have a chance.

I’m just making fun of your argument saying that nerfing VEHICLES because they’re being played by better players is laughable.

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Yeah i knew it well because I’m one of them myself but that not mean we don’t need anything

And Russia dominate you think something like that not gonna happen? You think other have fun got dominate by Russian’s BS? talking about learning the hardways yeah it what i do and i still have my job intact I don’t see it the problems the problem is they want to learn or they want to play like idiots and still wins easily

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Uh, yes, it very often does exactly that. People with very different skill levels who want to play together extremely often will use odds that include starting down by various pieces. The other main type of odds being “one side having way less time” if you have a chess clock, but lots of people don’t.

I’ve played hundreds of games of chess down a rook etc. because I wanted to play with a friend or my parents or someone who wasn’t as good as me, making ELO ineffective. Chess.com etc also support these features for the same reason.

Reading your replies make my head hurt. I’m done

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There is no such thing as “nerfing vehicles” in War Thunder, because vehicles don’t have ratings. BR is and has always been, a measurement of [vehicle + their drivers + the context of their teams and lineups + the map pool + blah blah] all as a combined unit. You cannot separate the vehicle alone out of that.

if the skill is sufficient to bring you to 50% win rate, then that’s precisely what it means.

And Russia dominate you think something like that not gonna happen?

Of course, it happens if ANY side dominates. The goal is 50% win rates for all teams, all lineups, all vehicles, if possible. Which is why their system automatically pushes toward no side dominating.

So you trying to say while i suffer and learn so hard to grind the Brits TT with pure skills and hardships so Brits don’t deserve some attention
While Russia that play by bunch of morons do nothing and keep crying this or that OP deserve a lot of buff!!?? just to keep up with some nation that requires a lot of skills!!??? then how this fair to other players like Brits that not called balance it called TOTAL BS while i playing and need to think because wrong move can cost my tanks while those idiots just keep driving and shooting and get easy wins with no afford you call this balance??


bro you need to take less copium seriously how long have you tried to explain to us with no stats whatsoever that russia50%wr … YES over entire br system of game I bet thats near accurate I do usally win againts them 5.0 to 7.0 after that its NOWHERE NEAR THAT 50% you keep going on about …I just looked at my top tier ground stats for last 3 days team russia 94%wr thats crazy now you go play top tier ground look for next 3 days tell me what you get I am interested to see

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I just looked at my top tier ground stats

You have 17,000 battles. You are not a normal player, lol. The conversation is about the average person in the game, the OP was speaking to “everyone”

If you have 50% win rate, that’s correct: you should not get any further “attention”. Because giving you any further bonuses would make the game lopsided and unbalanced, by definition. Which is less fun for everyone, including even you.

While Russia that play by bunch of morons do nothing and keep crying this or that OP deserve a lot of buff!!?? just to keep up with some nation that requires a lot of skills!!???

Yes all nations need to keep up with one another no matter the cause or reason, because only near-50%/50% matches are fun, for either side. I don’t know how to say it any more clearly. 50/50 is fun for human beings playing games. 70/30 is not fun for human beings playing games.

Not fun games go out of business. So buffing a 50% win nation up to 70% will make the game not fun and will make it go out of business. Including if skill was the reason they were at 50% to begin with, doesn’t matter why.

From what I understand, Soviet tanks were designed for CQB assaults. If I was designing a gamemode that plays to every single one of the Soviet tanks strengths, I’d make a gamemode exactly like we have in GRB. Especially with the push for more CQB.

For a gamemode that favours NATO tanks, you’d need a attacker vs defender style gamemode, with longer ranges.

I know the only maps that even come close to doing well on in the CR2, are the ones where I can snipe at 1km+ but they are few and far between


Why would anyone be doing that? Despite asking multiple times, not a single person has even given a single POSSIBLE reason why they would be motivated to pursue this bizarre conspiracy theory goal.