Every ground RB is infested with TAM 2IP , Wolfpacks and ESPECIALLY 2s38

The sale begins and everyone rushes for busted OP premium tanks that sit in a comfortable BR’s so it can attract people . Pretty simple to be honest , because money . Who wouldn’t want to buy some OP vehicles .

After I got the T72M1 (Finish Version) . Most of my games are against only those 3 tanks .

2S38 is really op , 0.5 sec reload per shot . And the vehicle is an SPAA , Tank Destroyer , Light , Medium Tank . It’s ridiculously op for real . Can’t do anything with my T72M1 , slow traverse , slow mobility . Only a good cannon and a round (if I ever manage to put it on my sights) . I always die . High tier battles are dead for me , simply I can’t play for real . I try my best but those 3 tanks , with better rounds , mobility etc only because they are premium always 1 shot me . I try to cover and move methodically , I die . Trying to play as support , I die .

And I wonder why the HSTV-L is at 11.3 when the 2S38 is at 10 br . Doesn’t make sense for real .

I don’t know what to do guys , any tips ? And people saying “Skill issue” you’ll be reported and ignored simply .


Just stay away from high tier for the moment. Happens every sale, you get a flood of premium players completely ruining the high tier BR brackets with either overperforming premiums, or players who only spawn one, achieve nothing and then die. Possibly both at the same time. Expect another flood of this once the store discounts go active.

Stay well away from these BR brackets for the meantime. Go play some low tier vehicles for a while, flesh up some lineups you neglected, pick up a new nation, try some vehicles you skipped over on your grind, bring out an old favorite of yours, stuff like that. The premium spam will inevitably die back a bit in a week or two. Just stay out of the handful of BR brackets that have been ruined by them in the meantime, and you’ll be fine.


Play the object775 it’s fun

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It’s not that the vehicles are overpowered it’s that your team mates are equally as bad and will allow a light tank to continue firing in to their side despite the first man dying and giving them the knowledge of the enemy position.

The TAM 2IP is the only vehicle of those listed that could be moved to 9.3 but overall it’s irrelevant as the tank is lightly armored and dies with very little counter fire.

The reason the vehicle could be moved up is due to its round sporting penetration better than 9.7 MBTs while retaining armor making it immune to .50cals unlike the 2S38 / Wolfpack both of which can be shot on the side.

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I understand your frustration. I had an entire team except me and one other person in wolfpacks. I understand it happens with every sale but was on the annoying side. The 2S38 is extremely annoying right now. Getting sniped in my helicopter 3 miles out by a 2S38 was just ridiculous, plus there are everywhere like cockroaches right now. I do manage to get some games in where i kill a few of them and honestly i priorities killing them lol. As for tips, play more passise and follow behind your team so when they get shot by the 2S38 you know where they are and you can kill them. Secondly you can always just bail out on higher BR matches for about a month or two to let that run its course with all the new people buying premiums to grind tech trees. I also bought a 2S38 today to grind out the Russian tree since if you cant beat them join them, and when everyone is just playing russian it will finally be a balanced game.

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the 2S38 really needs to be put at 11.7, only fair since it is better than the OTOMATIC


Well I don’t believe it should go at the maximum BR to be honest . But at it’s on BR seems pretty op when it can pen MBT’s at that BR with pretty much 1 shot , while the HSTVL is at 11.3 while being inferior to everything against the 2s38 . I know as a company gaijin needs to make money which is understandable but come on … it’s kinda OP at that br

I get your point . Thanks for the tips

Thank you for taking the time to answer to my frustration . I get your point , I started farming Swedish tree after I abandoned USA ground tree cause of inconsistent BR lines up at 9.3 and the meh (at best) ground vehicles . But I have the same issues now too . I might not be the best player but I try my best for the team . I need to get better for high tiers and get familiar to a totally new playstyle and game flow that High BR gives

Will second Aegis’ suggestion. The only other option is to take a break for a week or two.

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First of all, OTOMATIC should be 10.3 at maximum, since it has no business sitting at the same BR as other, much better SPAAs.
I know 2S38s can be annoying to deal with, especially when they are hull down and/or half a dozen of them pushing the same part of the map, but in all honesty, I think they deserve 10.7 BR at most.

This. I don’t play at all except for the assaults until after the first couple of hot fixes and the nitwits go away.


Gaijin’s greed simply destroyed the game from around 8.7 to 10.3.


Thunderskill is trash, but EVEN Thunderskill has the 2S38 at like 1.1 KD and 51% win rate or something like that. So where are you getting the idea it’s OP from, if not there and if not from Gaijin?

the 2S38 really needs to be put at 11.7, only fair since it is better than the OTOMATIC

Minor nation players are generally more skilled than major nations, and they DEFINITELY more skilled when they have a tech tree vehicle that their guys grinded for properly and learned to play well to get to, vs a premium with a bunch of newbies driving it largely. So it needs to be a higher BR to compensate.

I own the 2S38 and is not bulletproof just shoot HEAT or HE shell on that and the crew instant death. Your t-72M1 problem is lack of thermals and not skill problem. If you compare the HSTV-L and 2S38 both have thermals in rank and spot verhicle sbetter that have bushes on it.

That is not how balance. Vehicles should be primarily balanced on their capabilities, and not the players who play them. Obviously if something is doing to good for its BR, it should go up.

Ideally you need a balance of using player stats, and using purely capabilities, but gaijin doesn’t do that.

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Nope, only possible way is outcome in game, which includes player stats

If you go on capabilities and not REALITY (which includes players) → your reality will be lopsided in balance. Real lopsided balance is not fun. Not fun make no money. Company goes out of business. :(

Gosh cant imagine why there would be so many premium tanks in the MM during a premium tank sale, truly a mystery for all time.

oh wait nvm is just a 2s38 cope thread about how hstvl is bad and 2s38 is op despite having terrible overall sever stats.

the issue is also the stupid ammo limitation placed on the OTO, and I never use thunderskill if honest, but yeah the HSTVL and the OTO are comparable to the 2S38 and they are far above in BR, another Ka-50 situation where it will take years to get to the right BR because of greed