Enduring Confrontation Air is Good

The Dream

What I’d give for these

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We also now get 6 nations with f104

Edit: Cant wait for inevitable addition of Norway to Sweeden. One more F16 and F104. 😍😍😍😍😍

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Haha damn, but at least that’s realistic, Hungary on Italy tree, Netherlands on France, Indian t90 for British and MiG 21 now ?

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I expected Hungary to be part of Italy since both were secondary axis members in WW2 same why Romania is in Italian tree, but they added next to none WW2 content to Hungary.

At this point they should simply rework how trees work, this is becoming pointless in sim. Make 6 trees. Allies, Axis, Soviets (PRC part of it), Japan for WW2 and communist/non communist tree for cold war that unlocks like israeli tree, reaching rank 5.
This would fix 90% of stuff like this and allow adding minor nations that dont have lots of designs to faction tree eg romania, yugoslavia, czechoslovakia etc. without 90% copy paste.


It’s like this in TopTier, day in, day out.
EC needs a thorough rebalancing, because the game permanently bleeds RedAir tickets, just because there’s less of them, although RedAir, in general, wipes the floor with BlueAir.

Excellent point about what we should protect, and thankyou for pointing me to ‘Nimbal’, and ‘Squishface’ channels I wasn’t aware of those YouTubers and they have great videos.

Morvran_ also brought up some great suggestion on how to improve EC i think lot’s of it would be worthwhile for Gaijin if we can help by working with what we have now to help EC population grow, personally even if my favorite nation is US I also like Italy and France which often play in the “Red Team” I will switch on one of those nations depending which side needs help in a specific room.

moment please do not forget that the EC mode is over 9 (!!!) years old! my point is: Gaijin had 9 years to promote Sim EC and improve it step by step.

In the last 3 years alone, there have been thousands of suggestions from players (most of them in the old forum) without success …:

of course we will continue to make suggestions. because we all want a good mode. but EC hangs in a permanent unfinished “beta phase”. 9 years of not fine-tuning a mode - there is NO excuse for that. it’s not the fault of the few players. it’s the fault of the listless developers. and as already mentioned, 3 years ago there was an absolute negative trend with systematic dismantling. most of the bugs from this time (which did not exist before) were never fixed.

now a new update is coming. let’s see if EC Sim is considered in the changelog. probably the SPAA of the convoys will be strengthened and nothing more xD

Apollo is right when he says ‘we should be happy’ because EC is better than AB and RB. but there have been flight sims over 20 years ago that were much better programmed than the EC missions.

Ok the positive thing about EC is the relative freedom and flexibility within the 3 hours. but if we compare EC with good old flight sims and games. then the mission design in EC is only average and immature. EC wasn’t really designed for modern air war either. it’s just jets squeezed into an old EC WW2 mission design.
…I remain loyal to EC solely because of the many airplanes. you just don’t get that anywhere else.


Friends, a little help is needed. I need your support regarding a proposal for brackets on EC. The idea is to have every BR 2 days in the top.