Enduring Confrontation Air is Good

This is just the current bomber mission with corrected aircraft

As above, changing the 3D models does not change the mission

This is just convoy

Could make a case for this being different enough from bombing targets, but hardly

Not really

This is true, but again dependent on actual effort

The difference, is that i would propose that it would not be visible on the map. Locating a single jeep, moving fairly quickly, would be hard without a tpod. (it would also have no SPAA)

Perhaps. The current recon flight could be changed to modern aircraft that performed the role (insert many here)

But these could be moved higher. Say 20k ft

Recon drones could then be a second version of the mission at a lower alt, say 6k ft. But are a lot harder to spot and track.

there is no harm in too much variety.


There are a lot of players that play dcs that play wt too… very vague statement…

Morv has made a great post about how to fix air sim and always provides elite points and looks brightly at the future of sim.

How about you change your perspective and stop being locked in a negative mindset.

Also not directed at you but to everyone being extremely negative. Why?

This post was literally made at trying to appreciate sim for what it is when it quite literally is the best gamemode to enjoy aircraft whether it be ground sim which is insanely fun and air sim.


Yeah it is, considering:

Because there are no giant gaping holes?

to you, in your opinion, even though you decided this without even asking why I thought it

Given that by your own admission you 1.) barely play Sim and 2.) think it needs to become an entirely different game than it is now I can’t imagine your thoughts on the matter being very insightful

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Not even close to what I think but go ahead and beat up this stick figure you’re painting. Jerkoff.

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Literally every one of your posts in this topic suggests you loathe this game, why are you even here?


Sim EC was really good in the 2010s. that was the best time in Sim EC. EC was never 100% perfect, but it was definitely better back then than it is now.

why was it better back then? Sim had its own developer back then who tried to implement our wishes. his power was limited and his improvements were only implemented very slowly, but there was always a slight positive trend. we players could always rely on the fact that there was a slow but secure positive trend.

He’s gone since 2021. (probably fired?!).
…there has been a change in Sim policy since 2021. the mode has stagnated. in the last 3 years, some intern has tweaked EC a maximum of 5 times. 2-3 times the rotation was changed slightly. the SPAA was strengthened 1-2 times. and new vehicles in the big general updates ….that’s it (!!)

to remind clearly. in winter 21-22 EC was almost completely dead. most players were disappointed. and it was not at all clear that EC would survive the year 2022. we can only thank the players for the fact that EC survived. Gaijin did nothing for it.

this is all old coffee from the day before yesterday. 2021 is long gone. but we have to be aware that Sim is permanently stagnating. the developers are doing nothing for Sim. even minimal bug fixes in the missions are not being made.
Nevertheless, you are right. Sim is still the best mode in WT. …but it needs to be worked on urgently



Dat too!

Yes, I also dream of realistic nations setup, but I also don’t see how this can be done easily and balanced fairly, without completely redesigning nations and trees. A big topic on its own…

Yes! People complain that it doesn’t offer the level of complexity and functionality like e.g. DCS, but lets face it: DCS has a handful of vehicles, WT literally hundreds! It’s a good balance, and WT is not a hardcore sim like DCS, of course.

Wouldn’t say so, no.

I’ve only started flying in WT again about a year ago whenI got my VR goggles, before I’ve been neglecting it basically since tanks came out. So i wasn’t very advanced in the aircraft trees… Yet, almost only with Sim EC I quite comfortably advanced to top ranks in US, Germany, UK, Sweden. (Admittedly with Premium time and often using premium aircraft, true…).

As to modification grind, rarely it takes more than a handfull of EC missions to fully spade a new aircraft even at top tier…

Hm, I have little issue with that. Generally find Sim community more laid back and less hateful than in other game modes - but with exceptions, obviously.

What my pet peeves for this game mode are are of more technical nature:

  • Interface should be improved (e.g. target selection)
  • Many HUD’s should be improved (missing CCRP symbology, wrong behavior of attitude and flight path marker)
  • AI vehicles and AI vehicle mission should be completely revamped
  • Match creation/selection should be improved (possibility to configure daytime and weather)
  • More and larger maps

Its really bad without premium. You need like 40 hours at full efficiency to spade one aircraft. And during that time you have to avoid dying because you wont be able to afford modifications since SL gain is laughable and repair cost huge.

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They care so much that they made all ground attackers unplayable for last few years due to spaa acuraccy and done almost nothing even tho people complain.


What I find perplexing, though, is GJ’s lack of consistency. Some things regarding flying eg. are dealt with far better than in DCS (which is why I play WT), but then GJ fails at some so trivial issues that one is left wondering what’s going on. It’s hard to understand how one can make such good solutions for a fairly complex flight mechanics and yet fail so spectacularly on the other trivial issues.

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You and me both, brother.

I for example don’t get how one can get not single, but consistently and reliably all HUD’s flight path markers and horizon/attitude markers wrong.

The rest of the industry somehow understands those HUD elements… ^^


Good post!

I definitely agree with your sentiment, I think a lot of sim players are too hung up and grumpy over what used to be, and fail to see the amazing things we already have in the current EC format.
We have tons of freedom when compared to any other game-mode, we don’t have to worry about crew-locks, we can join & leave a number of lobbies on different maps and BR brackets of our choosing at any time, we can even create or own lobbies, unlimited respawns on 3 airfields, we don’t have to worry about getting up-tiered, and instead can play the “BR of the day” which is an amazing system.

These are things I think we should protect in SB EC.

For Gaijin to bring attention back to sim, we really just need to grow the player base, a few months ago I counted ~70-150 people in all of air sim during a slow weekday, and last night I counted ~600. Sure tons of them are PVE players and not actively engaged in the sim community but it’s better than nothing.

We should also support our sim YouTubers who bring attention and new players to our game-mode, ‘Nimbal’, and ‘Squishface’ are two great ones.

The main issue with sim in my opinion is the horrible default control presets, and the economy. The default controls are not at all suited for sim and the economy punishes new people too much.


I for sure joined ASB train just because gameplay is so, so much better.

Only thing I needed from sim was fact that all planes are usable. Interceptors can intercept, bombers can bomb, attackers can ground pound. Plus stock vs spaded gap is way way smaller because skill is far more important in sim plus you can always position yourself better then the enemy to get upper hand.

I even downloaded myself Opentrack and use face tracking to have “hack job” headtracking until I buy VR (which will be a while since I need to upgrade my PC with new CPU, motherboard, ram and such)

EDIT: Forgot to mention I would like to see helicopters to be allowed in ASB. Even if as a test to see if they are valid.


Oh sweet summer child…

I’ll take a guess and say that you’ve probably been playing WT since fairly recently.

We all know that AIR SB EC is a good gamemode. Definitely better than AB and RB.

The issues that everyone has have more to do with the lack of care and improvement of the gamemode by the developers.

I’ve been playing WT since 2013 and SB actively since around 2016 and a lot has changed.
Some of those changes have been good, others less so to stay diplomatic and not go on a rant.

It’s still good to hear positive things from time to time, but that won’t change anything about the gamemode and its flaws. For that we need a lot of feedback and pressure (which has been thoroughly ignored for a long time).

Fly safe!

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Yeah, but the fact that some premium aircraft and almost all bombers have a cockpit placeholder, shows, atleast imo, that they’re lazy. I enjoy flying in sim, I dislike looking at a cockpit placeholder.

Now this is also false, the most negative aspect of this gamemode is the fact that Gaijin is punishing the active playerbase.

They wanted to remove botting - They gutted the rewards. Logic? Nah.
The rewards have been on a steady decline for years now, RP skill rewards are still not in EC… And the fact that they have checked the first roadmap off, saying it’s complete is just disgusting. They need to add skill rewards to EC, or else the first roadmap is far from done.

After 1-1.5 hours the server goes bonkers, making most of the ATGM’s slam into the ground, hitting nothing, so you can’t even go ground pounding for AI targets, because the game just isn’t polished enough.

EC is not perfect, it’s barely breathing and is asking for euthanasia.

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And just to make it even better guess what, another f16 yeah ! Now we can have 6 f16 in same battle 🥳