Enduring Confrontation Air is Good

Hello everyone, this is my first post on this forum, I’m definitely not the best Virtual pilot, but I’ve been around this stuff since Warbirds and Aces High were just released many years ago.

I see a lot of negative comments about EC and I believe most of it is undeserved, Let’s be positive for a change and recognize what we already have.

Enduring Confrontation Air Sim is not bad at all I would actually say it’s a very good compromise between realism and “playability” keeping an active battlefield that actually react to player action reasonably well.

I admit that like most I would also personally like to see more realistic Nations match up but we have to recognize that current Nations Sets in addition to Battle Rating works well to maintain balance day in day out and let the opportunity to everyone to fly the airplane you like at any time almost always finding a reasonably balanced match.

Yes there are quirks that become more apparent at highest tiers but I would say up to tier 7 it’s perfectly playable even without a premium account or premium airplane, in fact in my opinion the most fun are the lowest tiers (1 to 3) if it wasn’t because gamer population tend to accumulate at higher tiers where, grinding and learning take more time.

If you think about how greatly reproduced cockpits, weapons, aerodynamics models and external models are available at zero cost for the player that is a huge amount of developer work one can use for free and as long as you’d like.

And speaking of Cockpits I believe the outstanding level of details for so many airplanes is proof that Gaijin do care about simulator game mode, it might not be the moneymaker but it is the showcase for WT, and I would suspect is also the favorite for devs.

Past tier 4 the grind get hard? That in my opinion is a good thing it get the desire to progress and see what next alive for longer and let you experience the progression of military aviation at an appropriate rate, there are solutions, you don’t have time or you don’t like to grind? you still want to progress? well spend your money and reward Gaijin hard work buy GE or a Premium, it’s your choice, or don’t and just play what you got as best as you can.

The most negative aspect of this game entirely Player’s responsibility, it’s the general hostility and slurs that goes on chat, insults even among same team are very common cooperation is rare, we could make sim much better just by having a better approach to team chat.

EC is not perfect but it’s alive and well


hahahaha (the devs couldnt give a shit less about sim)

This just reads like you’re shilling for gaijin honestly. Your points are basically just complimenting them while ignoring negatives.


You aren’t making it to rank 7 f2p purely playing sim


Yeah, ASB is awesome fun, A lot more fun than ARB in my opinion.

Most the complaints are because people see the ultimate potential in the gamemode. The small things never fixed. The additions that could be easily added. They just stack up over time.

With a bit of effort, Gaijin could turn ASB from what it is into maybe a proper IL-2/DCS killer. With those playing them the people who want true immersion.

Thats the main complaint from myself and much of the community it see TLC too rarely.

unfortunately the number of outstanding bugs with regard to cockpits doesnt entirely agree. Like they spent 9 months giving the Sea Harrier FRS1 a “bespoke” cockpit, that is really really detailed. But 9 months on from that update… We are still waiting for them to replace the Harrier Gr3 cockpit HUD for its own


Nope. Not possible with the current monetization and lack of… any credibility or capability from the developers.

As I said. With effort they could. But they wont commit to even a fraction of the effort needed


No, because there is no basis here for them to work off of. The game is flawed to the point of irredeemability

It will never attract DCS crowd,as it doesnt offer full fidelity clickable cockpits,accurate FMs and all that.

Yep, and it shouldnt try. But between some much needed TLC and the addition of an RB EC gamemode. It could attract a hell of a lot of casual sim players, those that dont want to learn the extreme fidelity of DCS.

But they wont even do things like update the top tier AI aircraft to be something other than F-86s.


If “much needed TLC” is “8 years of backlogged changes they have never done” resulting in a completely different game and experience for the better then sure

Except it doesn’t need 8 years of changes? The core gameplay is literally what Enigma copied to create the most successful DCS multiplayer server of all time. EC needs small corrections that require a single developers time, the problem is they have exactly no one working on it.

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I think they were meaning issues and problems that have been around for 8 years that have slowly been increasing the backlog. Could be wrong though!

I said a backlog of 8 years of needed changes and I’m referring to the entire game and not just a specific mode, however as a non-experienced sim player I can still see massive giant gaping huge ass holes in that gamemode

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Why even bother typing this out? You come off like a tool.

Because when I see stuff like this all it comes off as is some soft person whining

Ok? I think you’re being a crybaby right now not contributing fuck all to the conversation but you didn’t see me typing some childish shit like “boohoo” lmao


That’s not what I said. I said the issues with EC, which there are, are mostly minor and would require very little to fix a good majority of them. It would require more hands on, than just the set it and forget it of the current approach.

  • Correcting airfield defense aircraft could be done in an afternoon, just looking at each map and swapping Team A and Team B as necessary.

  • Changing attacker and bomber aircraft to correct era again takes about 5 minutes per map

Some would take more time:

  • fixing convoy pathing/ground phasing etc

  • correcting AI flight behavior (speed is tied to map size, x number of grid squares per minute)

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Sim could desperately do with some new missions and stuff, but they made heli EC in an afternoon, I doubt it would realistically take all that long to add some basic missions, with more complex missions added down the road

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There aren’t really any additional missions to add right now, with the current weaponry in game. The problem is the ones the do have need fixes.

Maybe, maybe not.

Trains use to be targets in ARB, They could be added into ASB for lower BRs

at higher BRs they could add a wave of high alt bombers (20-40k ft)

intercept recon drone

Locate and Destroy HVT (jeep)

Take out a building in a town with guided bombs

A lot they could add with the current stuff.

and thats not including things with AI helis if/when they fix AIs