Easy airbase destruction wins games

Heck, in high tier, you can be a lot further away than that. I can quite happily be at 50ft and lob bombs 5 or 6 km with higher accuracy with ease.

Or drop PGM-2000s from 10km away (should be 20km, but they have artificially nerfed the range of everyone) and you could be turned away and half way home long before they even hit.

It would help if airfield had ever been implemented as planned:

Airfields and modules are supposed to repair slowly, even if the tents have been destroyed.

The problem isn’t necessarily how many (few) sorties are needed to destroy a module, but that those sorties can be completed in 5 minutes by supersonic jets on postage-stamp-sized maps.

Imho Base bombing and Airfield bombing are both problematic and easily exploitable, and that’s what keeps happening, all the time, at all br. First of all because bombing is so easy, it should give out the LEAST reward, given that both doin CAS or fighting players is MUCH harder. They should make the task much harder, or give the defending team some kind of awacs or other form of early alert that warns you if a bomber is going towards a base. I really have no idea how to fix the problem, but honeslty right now it’s embarrassing, you see teams of people only bombing instead of doing cas or fighting.


It’s a shame too, because doing CAS tasks can be fun. Getting to utilize all the different ground attack weapons is fun if people were to give it a chance.

We need less motivation to go for airfields, and more ground tasks to complete for CAS vehicles. Also, there’s a strong need to tone down the base AA’s so CAS can successfully make a run without dying the first two seconds they enter the area.

Whilst you arent entirely wrong. They do need to be careful about how they change it. Because if they change it too radically, then jets like the Tornado IDS variants may end up with nothing to do in EC. It needs to reward fairly, but prehaps not have quite as significant affect on the match outcome. I find the winner of every EC game is rarely decided on PvP or objectives, but base bombing and prehaps that is all that needs to change in that regard. Though the AFs are another discussion entirely

I had some thoughts on how top tier ec at least could be changed in another post Discussion: Sim EC Mk2 - PvE updates for the next Gen of aircraft - #2 by Twisted

Yeah, its tricky in certain aircraft, especially with no CCRP

Base sentinels working hard to make bombing


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They need their union mandated coffee breaks

ha ha . .coffee breaks indeed

After 10 years . . .I just don’t get why Gaijin ruins their own game.

I simply don’t get it

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Yeah, AI in general in SB has never really seen any kind of love. I heard rumours its 100% handled by a single person

Irony . . .speaking of bombers

My Kids and me just completed our first summer project

So yeah . . .

I have enjoyed a bomber


Oh very cool. when time/money allows. Im thinking a Tornado or Hunter model needs to be purchased and assembled

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While We did mess up in quite a few places . . .but it is an awesome boat load of fun.

Make sure to get the right paints

I think I have them hooked. . . .Sadly my eldest is focused on tanks

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Will do. I’ve also got some 40k stuff sat half done. Been looking at getting them finished and painted, but money is too tight at the moment. So yeah, I want to do it, but must be done properly

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This used to work, but has been broken for a while now. I’m not sure if it still does after the latest AF changes, but damage to the housing module of the AF that controls AF repair would make it start working on that AF.

With the low damage requirements to destroy the modules, it’s currently moot.

With the previous greater AF HP and working repair, it took at least 2 aircraft working together to destroy modules.

No way, taking away even MORE features isn’t the solution. The game has been stripped naked enough as it is. And I know bomber players are not look at with good eyes, but they are also a part of the Sim community and necessary as the player base is anemic enough already.

I say the AI planes defending the airfields needs to be more aggressive and stop getting stuck in the runway after they die once.

Airfield destruction appeared to be a good idea, but our feeble-minded playerbase only knows how to abuse such systems… At the very least, the base components need to be adjusted so they don’t get destroyed so quickly.

Adding additional targets for bomber play would also help. I’m not against bomber play when it’s done right. I sometimes enjoy bombers myself. Right now, bombers have too much influence on battles, and it happens at too fast of a pace.

Yeah im pretty much only in the Tornado Gr1 these days. Bases are fine, but dull, AFs are fun to attack, but its too powerful. No other target is worth it currently due to spaa.

I think this is yet another anti-bomber rant. Gimme, gimme, gimme. The fighter mafia has already had it’s way far too much. Further, the last thing that’s needed is yet another feature of the game removed to appease the point and click fighter pilots already high on their own supply of foot stomping, pouting & lazy ego. You don’t like it? How about playing AS A TEAM and defending the base, instead of chasing a bot dive bomber to farm your RP at the expense of your team losing the game ?