Earn the PLZ 83-130 in the Inferno Cannon Event!

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Welcome to the Inferno Cannon event, the second ground vehicle event in War Thunder’s new event cycle! This is your chance to earn decals, a decoration, trophies with rewards and the Chinese PLZ 83-130 by participating in ground battles.

When: From April 24th (11:00 GMT) until May 8th (11:00 GMT), earn mission points in Ground Battles, unlock stages and receive rewards!

PLZ 83-130 — an Event Vehicle Tank Destroyer for China at Rank V

The PLZ 83-130 is an experimental variant of the Chinese PLZ 83 self-propelled artillery vehicle. Instead of using a 152 mm howitzer this vehicle uses a 130 mm Type 59-1 cannon, which in itself is a copy of the Soviet M-46. It’s this cannon that’s made this vehicle a true tank destroyer! Choose your attack positions wisely and take advantage of the high velocity of your powerful shells to guarantee a hit.

“Born to Hunt” decal

“Missileman patch” decal

“Anti-tank rocket launcher (China)” decoration

Among the rewards in the event is also this chest, where, when opened, brings the chance to receive one of the following items:

  • 50,000 - 100,000 Silver Lions
  • Silver Lion and Research Point boosters
  • Random Wagers and Orders
  • Universal Backups (1 - 3)
  • A random camouflage for a vehicle you own
  • 1 day of Premium Account

How to get all rewards

Each stage can be obtained for 35,000 mission points, where every new stage obtained will give you a new reward.

Please note: After finishing a stage, you need to collect the reward manually. To do this, click on your name in-game, go to “Inferno Cannon” and click the “Get Reward” button.

You’re able to earn mission points in Ground Battles at Rank III or above in Arcade, Realistic and Simulator Battles. The number of mission points to complete a stage depends on the game mode and the maximum Rank of the vehicle that you use in battle. There’s a multiplier for earning mission points, which is shown in the task description in-game.

You can also earn mission points by using event vehicles that are Rank I and II. Event vehicles that can be used have the name of the event that they were obtainable in on their stat card.

Stages change every two days at 11:00 GMT on April 26th, 28th and 30th, May 2nd, 4th and 6th.

Rewards are given when you complete a specific number of stages

  • For 1 Stage: trophy with a random reward
  • For 2 Stages: “Born to Hunt” decal
  • For 3 Stages: trophy with a random reward
  • For 4 Stages: “Missileman patch” decal
  • For 5 Stages: trophy with a random reward
  • For 6 Stages: “Anti-tank rocket launcher (China)” decoration
  • For 7 Stages: non-tradable coupon for the PLZ 83-130

Discounts on purchasing stages using Golden Eagles

Unfinished stages can be purchased for Golden Eagles, but if you’re significantly close to completing a stage, its price will now be significantly reduced.

Let’s say you have earned 85% of the required mission points to complete a stage, then the price of purchasing this stage will be halved. If you’re near the finish line for a stage and are at 95% progress, then the price will be reduced by five times. For example, if you’ve scored 30,000 mission points, then the price for unlocking this stage will be 449 Golden Eagles. If you’ve scored 33,500 mission points, then you’ll only need to pay 179 Golden Eagles. Remember to keep this in mind if you cannot complete a stage on time!

The Upgrade for coupon

When you complete 7 stages, you’ll receive a non-tradable coupon for the PLZ 83-130, where using it will immediately activate the vehicle onto your account. If you don’t want the vehicle and would like to sell the coupon on the Market, you’ll need the “Upgrade for coupon” item.

The “Upgrade for coupon” item can be earned in parallel with the stages throughout the event from April 24th (11:00 GMT) until May 8th (11:00 GMT) for 600,000 mission points.

After receiving the “Upgrade for coupon” item, you can convert a non-tradable coupon for the vehicle into a tradable one and sell it on the Market. The tradable coupon can be sold after 6 days from the moment it’s created.

To make a tradable coupon, select the “Coupon PLZ 83-130 (China)” in your inventory and click the “Modify” button.

The “Upgrade for coupon” item is valid until 11:00 GMT on May 11th. Until this time, you can use it or exchange it for War Bonds. Afterwards, it’ll disappear from your inventory.

You can track the progress of completing stages and receiving the “Upgrade for coupon” by clicking on your Nickname > Achievements > Inferno Cannon. If you don’t manage to complete a stage on time or would like to purchase a stage, until May 11th from the Achievements window, you can purchase each stage with Golden Eagles which will give you the corresponding rewards.




Will it get the Firn-1 Guided Shells?


Should be fun, i’m looking forward to this one.

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Would say mid, but this is worse than mid


210k score to own and 600k to sell: nice.



Nice vehicle!

Are the vehicles available in these events only going to be event, or will there be premiums aswell?

no guided shells exists in war thunder currently so i highly doubt it.


This is definitely the happiest thing I have seen today.
A favorite tank and a favorite 3D decoration
Also, add more RPGs


Ugly & boring !


this thing just only get HE Really?

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well, why not. But will it have interesting shells, or simply HE (being derived from a field gun, it-self derived from a naval gun)? At least we shouldn’t get an overall unpopular vehicle to face (292) or to play (jaguar). It’s the perfect event vehicle, bring nothing new to the table but is fairly unique and not needed in the tree and doesn’t fit as a premium.


A very very quick Wiki search suggests that yes,for gameplay purposes it can only fires HE and APCBC

It does have smoke shells,Guided shells and flare shells IRL. So i hope it will also have a smoke shell in its inventory

If it has APCBC then I’m satisfied TBH.

130mm is no joke, and if SU-100Y has ~202mm pen just with SAP, then I imagine this is going to be even scarier.

Unless I’m mistaken and this isn’t related to the naval gun

Edit: Apparently it’s not related to 130mm naval gun, but according to this gentleman it fires IS-7’s shell.


They reduced the point to 35k, thxx gaijin <3


This does not look like Stug IV

Fun. Not worth my time.

Phew… another event I can skip. Not looking forward to a ground event with something I actually want



That’s a strange decision.

We already have 152mm version of this SPG, if you’re gonna bonk the enemy with HE why even use the 130?