Dreams Come True: TOG II

The TOG II is a British prototype super-heavy tank that was developed at the start of World War II. The TOG II was developed by “The Old Gang” — a committee set up by the same members who created tanks of the First World War. This long-awaited “land battleship” comes to War Thunder as part of the game’s 11th Anniversary. Play to get it as well as other cool prizes!

When: From November 1st (11:00 GMT) until November 13th (11:00 GMT): Earn points in battles, unlock stages and receive prizes!

TOG II — A Premium Rank III for Britain.

The grand prize for this event! Complete 6 stages and it will be yours forever.

Decals and Decorations!

You can also earn the following decals and decorations for stages 1 to 5.

“Death Valley”decoration

“Colt–Browning M1895” decoration

Special decals

How to get prizes

Each stage will be unlocked for 35,000 mission points and will bring a new reward.

You can get mission points in ground battles with rank III or above in AB, RB and SB game modes. The number of mission points for completing a task depends on the game mode and the maximum rank if the vehicle used in the battle. The multiplier for earning points is specified in the mission description.

You can also get points by using any event vehicles of rank I-II. Such vehicles have the name of the event in which it was obtained in the vehicle card.

Stages change every two days at 11:00 GMT: November 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 11th.

Rewards will be given for certain number of completed stages:

  • For 1 stage: “T.O.G. No. 2” decal.
  • For 2 stages: one of the decal prizes.
  • For 3 stages: one of the decorator prizes.
  • For 4 stages: one of the decal prizes.
  • For 5 stages: one of the decorator prizes.
  • For 6 stages: the TOG II Premium.

You can track the progress of the challenge by clicking on your nickname and selecting the menu ”Achievements → Dreams Come True”. If you didn’t finish the stage in time until 16th of November you will be able to purchase passing stages for Golden Eagles in the achievement window and get corresponding prizes.


Yes Finaly!



Cant believe my own eyes.

Have the modifiers for this challenge been changed in any way?

Finally glad to see Britain get some love in WT.

Will the gun be accurately modelled as, essentially, a 3.7inch or is it a copy/pasted 17pdr?


We will share more details on this special thing soon™


Do i need to get EVERY stage or just the last for the tog?

I think Its every just as the same every event so far.

Because it sayes for a certain number of stages, yet also for stage 6

So i need all 6 stages for the Tog? Oh what a bummer

Supposedly. :(

You need 6 stages. All of them.

Good to see the recent emphasis on the more eccentric vehicles. Will we be seeing Covenanters in the future?

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Never found it too difficult to get the points with these events myself. Play the highest tiers you have (Or whatever you just enjoy) and go for ~17k each day; Don’t torture yourself trying to get all 35k in one afternoon.


Finally, a good grind event ! 36k points to reach in 48 hours…

Thank you.


I thought the Tog was supposed to have a 3.7 inch gun in it? Somebody went and measured with some tape and everything?

Also canadian documents showing it as being fitted with a 3.7 inch gun (though might be using a 17 pounder block which is why the tank museum think its that).


True, I hope they get the gun right

They mentioned it being a 17 pounder in a challenger turret in an article so I dont think they will be if it is the 28 pounder 3.7 inch gun.

I mean the turret was also modified.

we’re saved


should be a 17 pounder, cause it looks like its using the challenger turret and inthe picture it has the 17 pounder muzzle break