War Thunder’s 11th Birthday: Let’s Celebrate Together!

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Let's light the candles on the cake: November 1st marks 11 years since War Thunder entered open beta testing.

We’d like to celebrate this date with all of you who have been by our side and supported War Thunder through all these years — together with you. We hope you’re going to enjoy the holiday activities and discounts that we’ve prepared for the entire week.

In this year’s “Dreams Come True” event, you’ll have the opportunity to get the unique TOG II, a British Heavy Tank. In addition to this, Esports players are showing their highest performance at tournaments dedicated to the game’s 11th Anniversary. The Maus, a regular of anniversary traditions, returns to be researched for a temporary amount of time!

So join us in celebrating: Happy Birthday, War Thunder!

In-game Discounts!

November 1st (11:00 GMT) — November 6th (11:00 GMT)

  • 50% off for all modifications, talismans and back-ups.
  • 50% off for a Premium account. In the game — for 90 and 365 days. In the Gaijin.Net Store — for 180 days.
  • 50% off purchase prices in SL and GE for vehicles of nations in War Thunder.

There won’t be any discounts for vehicles released in the “Kings of Battle” and “Sons of Atilla” updates, as well as squadron vehicles (including modifications, talismans, and back-ups).

Anniversary Decal!

November 1st (11:00 GMT) — November 6th (11:00 GMT)

Let your first battle during the 11th anniversary of War Thunder bring you this memorable decal!

  • Play 1 battle in any vehicle of rank III or above in any gamemode to get “War Thunder 11 years” decal.

“War Thunder 11 Years” decal

Dreams Come True: TOG II

November 1st (11:00 GMT) — November 13th (11:00 GMT)

Take part in the “Dreams Come True” event to get special decals, decorations, a special loading screen and the unique TOG II heavy tank!

The TOG II super-heavy tank appeared at the early stages of WWII as a continuation of the concept of “land battleships” that participated in trench battles of the First World War. However, at the outbreak of WWII the concept of land battleships crossing trenches was obsolete. As a result of trials, the TOG II received a 94 mm gun inside an A30 Challenger turret. The TOG II is a heavy tank with an old classic style: slow, heavily armored with good firepower. It’s perfect for breaking through enemy defenses in urban areas with your squadmates, and can withstand multiple hits from different angles!

The King of the Heavies is back!

November 1st (11:00 GMT) — November 6th (11:00 GMT)

As usual, our tradition is to return the giant king of heavies — the legendary Maus tank! Between the specified event dates, you’ll be able to research and purchase it for Silver Lions.

  • To start researching the Maus, you have to have rank V of the German ground forces open.
  • Assign your Research Points from battles, or convert the free experience to the researching of the Maus while the special event is going. If you started your progress, it will not be disabled after the special event is over, and you'll be able to finish researching any time later.

Gaijin.Net Sales!

November 6th — November 13th

Up to 50% off in the Gaijin.Net Store.

Details on these discounts will be revealed on November 6th, so stay tuned to the news!

A series of festive tournaments for the anniversary of War Thunder!

We’re celebrating War Thunder’s birthday with a series of tournaments that have a total prize fund of more than 300,000 Golden Eagles! You can find out the competition schedule in the separate news here.


Woop glad to see, just wondering if it would be possible to see the Battle Pass take part in the sale? I think people would really appreciate it.

30-50% off the BP
early allowance to buy levels at like, 50% off or so.

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Maus :D

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Happy Birthday

Will there be no gamba boxes?

Very nice! My question however is, why the hell is the detailed info about the Gaijin Store sale only revealed on the 6th itself?
Why not the 5th? You guys have plenty of time. It gives us a bit more time to plan stuff.
As an example I’m planning to buy the A-6E Tram, M1128 Wolfpack and M1 KVT to add to my AGS lineup.
However, I now hear the M1 KVT is not on sale on PS and the claim is that it also wont be on the PC store. If the A-6E wont be either, there is 0 reason for me to buy the Wolfpack.

Itd be very useful to actually know which packs do or dont get discounted a fair amount of time ahead of the end of GE vehicle sales


Planning to play SIM 10_2? :)

Trying to remember if it’s this time of year they follow up with pack sales? I have most of the worthwhile gold vehicles so it would make more sense to spend on some packs for me.

i was hoping we get another batch of boxes for 60k sl. i was farming so i might get something this time too. is there a plan for it in december?

Congratulations with 11 years! Looking forward to this

I have a question, when one’s premium time extends over the average human lifespan, what can one do with the leftover time then? 😁😁😁😁

Will there be additional sale of premium for shorter than 90 days or is 90 day is minimum we’re going to get?

Can I research the Maus without having a tank 5 researched tech tree but with a premium at rank 5?

Believw you need to have a couple vehicles researched qnd bought in the researchable part, if i remember right

Can we please have discounts on crew personnel as well (pretty please)

EDIT: and training cost on vehicles too?

EDIT: and other accessories like Flags, Hats, Camo, ect :D

Pretty disappointed to see the packs going on sale as the GE vehicle sale ends. Bit of a dirty move to stop people using the GE from the packs they buy to get GE vehicles on sale. Used to be able to do that.

Already bought a year of premium! :D

Bought a Talisman for my Type 10 and 90 days of Premium, I am ready for the X-Mas patch :D



Hi, just a quick question,

Is it somehow possible buy in-game premium vehicles for GE (right side of tech tree), while the game is not installed? (i.e. you are not at home for example, and cannot login to the installed game)

bet it will be revealed at 12 am

Actually yes, there is.
Download an app called WTRAssistant and log yourself in.
Now you can buy GE vehicles.

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