Dreams Come True: TOG II

All of them.

It only looks like a 17 pounder but the actual cannon is, apparently, a 93.4 mm 28 pounder.


The TOG may not conquer the battlefield, but it will certainly conquer our hearts.

It’ll be as devastating as the Sturmtiger

devestating to win rates you mean

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Hopefully the teaser art isn’t representative of the in-game model, since it has the muzzle brake from the 17pdr (3.7in muzzle brake is larger and more circular) and the unhistorical mud flaps from the “world of tanks” game.

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idc how it looks, I’m EXCITED for the toggers



Ah yes, a grinding event, right as im about to take an aerodynamics exam and spending a lot of time revising (((((((((((((



Too much grinding for a meme vehicle

Dont bad mouth my StormMöMö >:(

This is the best day of my life. Finally the TOG2, my beloved. Oh how I have longed for you again since I left WoT all those years ago…


Can i allready see it in game over a link? (With the Wiki Funktion)

I wondering the same. It’s going to be trash either way but it’s British so I gotta have it.

It didn’t use the 17 pdr. Far as I understand it was a mis representation a long time ago and was repeated ever since because they look similar.

It will be slow, worse armour then a matilda, can’t turn, under powered. Only chance this will be good is if it’s quite low in br.

The TOG II has 114mm of armor, it is better armored than the Tiger. It has a better gun than the Tiger, it’s more maneuverable than the Tiger despite its size. The only downside is slow top speed, but it can maintain that speed over pretty much any terrain.

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It will have a 94 mm gun in War Thunder.