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TL;DR: A lighter and more mobile alternative to the PzH 2000 equipped with a 155mm howitzer in a fully rotating remotely operated turret.


The Donar 155 SPH is a relatively newly developed German SPH, revealed in 2008, aimed primarily toward the export market. It is a further development of the Artillery Gun Module, which was developed to meet a potential future requirement for a new German SPH. The system is the result of a joint development between Kraus-Maffei Wegmann and General Dynamics, being based on General Dynamic’s ASCOD 2 IFV, and was designed to be a lighter, more mobile, more powerful, and generally more efficient alternative to the PzH 2000 SPH, which is currently in service with the German Army. Due to this efficiency, it is also far cheaper to purchase and operate. The Donar 155 SPH has access to a fully rotating turret, equipped with a 155mm L52 howitzer, capable of firing all standard 155mm NATO ammunition. The turret is also completely remotely operated and equipped with an autoloader, which allows for a maximum fire rate of 9 rounds per minute, with 30 rounds available. This allows the Donar to be fully crewed by only two men. A 720hp engine and minimal armor profile allows the Donar to move at a max speed of 60kph.

Place In War Thunder:

With the addition of the 2S3M and Bandkanon 1C, the door has been further opened for direct-fire capable artillery systems. Every in-game nation, as of now, has developed such systems and thus should have them represented in-game. Germany has quite a few options when it comes to this vehicle class, the PzH 2000 being the most notable example. In-game the Donar 155 SPH could act as a more mobile counterpart to the PzH 2000 or as a premium/squadron counterpart. Playstyle would be fairly cautious in nature. Your mobility would generally inferior to most other vehicles you’d face, however, if you manage to get into a good sniping position, you’d be able to spit out a 155mm shell every 7~ seconds, which has the potential to wipe out an entire group of enemies. Your unmanned turret would offer some extra survivability, however, as it is full of ammunition, a well-placed shot would still light you up. The main disadvantage of the Donar comes with its gun depression, which is a terrible -2.5 degrees. This would severely limit suitable positions.


Armament: Rheinmetall 155 mm L52 cannon

Dimensions: 8.00m, 2.50m, 3.00m (L,W,H)

Weight: 31500kg

Armor: Proof against small arms fire and artillery fragments

Crew: 2

Ammunition: All standard 155mm NATO ammunition

Speed: 60kph

Horsepower: 720hp


3/4th View:

Gun Elevated:

Rear Access Open:

Interior view of the turret:



Donar Artillery Gun Module (AGM, Artillerie-Geschütz-Modul)

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Gonna be very survivable and hard to knock out, remote main turrets have yet to be seen in-game. +1

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+1 because it is interesting and just looks awesome.