Do you want the aim-7M and aim-7MH in game until the end of the year, vote here

Do you want the AIM-7P for the next update or for the next major update?
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  • yes, i want the AIM-7P and AIM-7MH in-game until this year
  • no, i do not want the AIM-7P and AIM-7MH in game, maybe next year
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It is a naval version of the aim-7. some sources say this missile uses a combined sensor or SARH antenna and IR sensor, it uses an inertial navigation system with a data link system, similar to the R-27ER in-game, the planes that can use it is the F-14B/D and F/A-18 versions
it will be followed by Block I and Block II, which use a better guidance system


what can be sourced by internet is a sparrow that uses a loft and better guidances
can be used on F-16 and F-15

Leave your comments and feedbacks


I can’t say I ever want anything added that will power creep more, even if it would be fun. I wish gaijin would decompress.


The thing is the r-27er STILL will be better as a radar missile, no reason not to at least even the playing field in that regard


I don’t care about 1 plane versus 1 plane. I care about power creep that affects the masses. Adding better SARH to america would make uptiers even worse rn for lower BR jets. That is what I care about.

Plus, America is extremely strong at the moment with the F-14/F-16 both being a lot better than the MiG-29s now with the recent changes, so it would also just upset that balance too.


At least the aim-7P have a more extended burn and a better battery.

As we are close to the su-33 more than the su-27, and the fox3 missiles, Will be a opition

Im going to assuming these are exclusively used by the US?

If so, then to be honest no, Its just not needed. we are likely getting Fox 3 this year, but that is besides the point. Currently 3 nations (US included) have highly competetive 12.3 aircraft, another 5 have perfectly playable 12s. 2 nations, have yet to get even that much. Before we widen the gap further by buffing 12.3s. Can we see to it that all 10 nations have something at least slightly competitive before we start looking at buffing the leaders.

Sure, these could be great in the future, maybe even needed, probably will come with later jets, but as of right now, they are the last thing that is actually needed

I just want a sparrow that works just as good as an R-27ER on lawnmowers …

you mean the recent changes to AIM-9M that lets them pass right thru jets like magic??? Down low Sparrows pointless too… Good changes for you I guess and if you getting hit by American missile 2 things to help you play low and turn after you flare ez peazy like cover girl

all missiles are glitched right now, don’t think your nation is special.

I also don’t think you said anything relevant to the current topic…stay on point

About aim-7P
Current now the russia can use 2 planes that use 2 R-27ER, the answer, is what is the next fighters that russian will have? a lot of people imagine some future stuff that came in game, what left in tier 8 for russia is: su-33, su-27, maybe mig-29M, and mig-31 never know when and some advanced su-25. The su-33 may will be the next after the yak-141 in some patch, it can use 6 r-27ER if i not mistake, like the f14B with 6 aim-7P, so will be a counter in terms of balance.

About Fox 3
The TWS need a fix, there is some weird bugs that need to report, would be nice have fox 3 with the TWS fix
The current fox 3 missile, the Phoenix, there is some reports in the missile forum that the aim54A/C dont have your real performance, that are be searched for some people of Phoenix forum.

Not really the point. and this applies to soviets as well…

There are 10 nations in this game. Not 2. Balance needs to be applied to all 10 nations. Just because R-27ER is totally broken missiles. Doesnt mean the US alone needs to match it. Would be much much better to get all 10 nations to a level playing field first. You might be struggling to fight Mig-29SMTs in your F-16C or F-14B… Im in a Tornado F3… Trust me, things can be a lot lot worse

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I just play the tornado F.3 too, what will happen in terms of balance if they add the confirmed Fox 3 missiles with aim-7P?, the aim-7P will be in same level of R-27ER, with the fox3 in the different kinda of level, in this case the 27er and aim7P will be a second category of radar missile, if all nations gain fox3 plus a su-33 been add why not this missile with br change?.

The smin said in a forum that the current adv are not planned to added the amaram, i think planned is not mean a completely no, or they will
might add the tornado ADV (AOP programme)

The BR will need a change beetween 11.3 and 12.3 if fox will be add

Best bet is a second Tornado ADV to Britain with AMRAAM equipped, but still wont be strong. More likely a new jet for Britain as well or instead of.

Once all nations are at 12.3, then looking at better SARH is possible, but asking for them first, just feels extremely unfair. At the moment, BVR trucks like the F3 have one tiny tiny little chance, tand that is the Skyflash STs are slightly better than the 7M. Based upon your post, 7Ps would remove that advantage. Now its truly unplayable for 2 nations

I think to solve this problem is create a new BR,
About the Phoenix
It will need be buffed, some guys on the Phoenix forum, with calculus proff game test, they came in a conclusion the Phoenix does not have your true speed. Other thing is the smookeless engine of the aim54C.

Fox 3 missiles and BR
I think they will make a 12.7 or the 13.0 BR.
11.3 3°gen with a fgr2, F-4F Late and some other planes that does not receive aim-9L, and some other 3 gen planes with all aspect missile, all one facing 90 fox 3 will be unfair, what i make think the current tornado F.3 will be 11.3, never facing 12.7 or 13.0.
That mean the f14B might get 12.7 with Buffed Phoenix and aim7P

The flanker has been add in game, is a perfect opportunity to add


The issue is the two major nations for air are US and Russia. Right now Russia has a huge advantage in the R27ER that is untouchable by any other missile in the game. Adding the AIM-7P for the US would give a nation the ability to at least answer the R-27ER. It sucks that other nations dont have true top tiers, but tbh during the era we are at it really was mostly the US and USSR battling for the best plane, everyone else was kinda a side show, plus US and USSR is where the majority of air players are.

Maybe, though euro deltas are now entering the scene, with rafale and typhoon already denied because “they are too good”. What we really need is ECM and AMRAAM to counter as those would be the historical IRL counter and would benefit every nation, not just the US. If Aim-7P was the ONLY solution then it could work, but there are solutions for balance that would benefit the US and the other 7 non R27ER nations in game and not just the US

Typhone and rafale are denied because they are 21st century planes.

ah yes and the F-15 and Su-27 are from WW2