[Discussion] Balance, Bias, Matchmaking and Battle Ratings

I was just trying to get the other guy to cease pinging me tbh

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i dont know how he even says the f4f is fine at 12.7…

You forgot to mention that the only nation that doesn’t have preguidance is italy.
It is the nation with the most nerfed tanks there is because of its continuous BR increase, Italian players are good at playing, but their means are bad Gaijin should lower the BR of several Italian vehicles.

Bruh why play glassbox Leopard 1 from the 60´s when having to play against modern chinese tanks from 1989

What ”modern” tank are you referring to?

I want gaijin increase max BR to 12.3 or 12.7 in ground RB and ground SB for ground vehicle top tier next month


Hi, i don’t know where i can ask my question, but i think it’s about the “balance”.
So, today i’ve noticed some strange thing with RP’s


How this could happen? I’ve got 3412RP, but it says i got just 1581. I’m pretty sure that it is not 10% difference in research penalty.
Is it some kind of “new balanced economy” or a bug?

PTL02 year of construction 1990
PTZ89 entered service in 1989

Leopard 1 entered service in 1965 and was designed in 1956 like bruhhh cant imagine many things happening in those 30 to almost 40 years difference sarcasm
atleast give the Leopard 1 APDS-FS not this rigged APDS which just splitter and whats the point of HEAT-FS when facing something with ERA? like bruuuh Leopard 1 is a tin can on tracks that explodes by looking at it while most of the times i shoot at others i need up to 3 shots to kill them
This warthunder damage model cam in the hangar is a joke in itself aswell when i look where to shot the T-54 as an example with the Leopard 1 ANY ROUND its green as green can be everywhere then iam in game shooting at those before looked up weakspots pufffffff BOUNCE

And why in the name of god is the OF-40 the same BR as the Leopard 1???

Cant imagine why armour only effective against low caliber (20mm) autocannons should be effective against MBTs.
Quite literally a cannon on tracks of it’s time.

I didnt said that i want to remove armour i said i want it to be like in the hangar protection analyses and not an sometimes it works other times it doesnt kind of thing

I am about calling Leopard 1 a tin can on tracks.

Well it is “almost” paper like armour (ok some 20 - 30mm guns cant penetrate) and an ammo layout that looks like sardines in a tin can just waiting to pop off