[Discussion] Balance, Bias, Matchmaking and Battle Ratings


entire BR is a joke, don’t even get rockets to make artificial counter measures.

xD G.91 YS forgot about that yeah at 9.7 with 2x AIM-9B’s and no counter measures. Hey at least Gaijin completely forgot 10.7 exists and only a couple of planes have it so you shouldn’t see too many up tiers. But RIP against everything at 10.0, and 10.3 that give you no real chance to even compete.

Edit: Just noticed you can play against the F-4F in this hahahahaha

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I just had a mishap recently when I got into a 2.7 battle rating match with a Bf 109 K. Maybe it was glitch I don’t know, but it threw me off.

Any Japanese aircraft with 30mms need to go down. The only reason why they went up in the first place is the previously overperforming HEF-T round that had 920m/s muzzle velocity but now that they’re fixed to 700 and 770 for the Ho-155 and Type 5, respectively, the BRs need to go back down again

Or you can just learn to play with tanks and play your beloved CAS in AIR mode. You know, playing AIRcraft in AIR mode and leave GROUND MODE for GROUND VEHICLES.

It is clearly OP!! Look at how much pen it has!4!4! And we know only the pen matters in this game!
You know, why don’t they raise the Conqueror to 11.7! It has more pen than DM33!!!

Good. Now make this the case for all of them.

HEAT has different overpressure mechanics compared to HE. It is a very spaceous vehicle. Nice confirmation bias again.

These robot dildos also are bugged for years now, and you can find countless of videos when they do absoltely nothing to the enemy.

You can say whatever to him, he will climb deeper into his echo chamber.

try using the Raam Segol against them. it seems pretty effective.

Sadly nobody care about this. Hate so much being constantly +1br against, everytime. But as i said, they can piss on us easily. It is just forcing to buy golden eagles, premium vehicles, but you still will be bitching by BR at all.
Fakin 11+ years i have to face these, who flying or riding something much better, faster, with bigger guns or rockets.

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not gonna lie it’s kind of annoying and ridiculous that in naval battles I’m forced to prioritize repairing the rudder over bigger dangers to the ship. and unrealistic.

i mean im the last person who will complain about uptiers and BR’s. It’s just out of the entire game, that BR range is so bad its actually just outright unplayable if you’re not in one of the metas. I don’t care about the grind, I literally just want to play the MiG 15,17,19 comfortably. xD

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A hull but never had a functional turret.
You know, like the Coelian???

So I take it from that, the only two unbiased are France and Britain maybe because no one cares about them? 🤣

It has a design drawings, just like in WOT .the turret looks like an enlarged version of the Type 59

However, based on the attitude of WT towards historical vehicles. WZ1224 should be given priority consideration

What it lacks is only the installation of a true 120mm gun on the turret. 122TM has used this main gun before

I regret purchasing this fighter jet, and even now, it is still garbage

Does anyone care about this guy? Now its performance is only at a level of 11.0. But gaijin placed it on 11.7

I don’t know when gaijin can fix it

Wrong armor structure for MBT2000 and VT4 // Gaijin.net // Issues

The ERAs of VT4A1&MBT2000 needs to be refined. // Gaijin.net // Issues

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Its only at its BR because gaijin saw a non-russian MBT with a hard kill APS and panicked


What is the deal with missiles ? totally broken weapon. You see a missile, It is a death sentence and the attacker does nothing to earn that kill, what is the skill ? And not at all with the epoch of the ships and planes involved in a map. You are in a boat from the 50’s and suddenly there is a 70’s missile approaching, It makes no sense.

Look at the 6.0-7.0 BR range of Soviet vehicles and If you got a formed eye, you will be surprised to see around 6 vehicles that were made well after 1945.

i agree especially since that armor is practically useless at higher BRs.
it literally protects you from nothing but machine gun fire