[Discussion] Balance, Bias, Matchmaking and Battle Ratings

In the last few seconds of that video, you can literally see the sidewinder with no smoke trail, but apparently you missed it.

Whatever, weather conditions may allow the AIM-9Ms to be visible, but it is up to Gaijin to code the exact smoke trail.

Damn broken br system… Why i have always fight against players with +0,7-1BR?? For 11 years same and not changing. Same br battle maybe once from the twenty battles.
This making me very upset and nothing change for years. Srsly GJ go to the hell with this

Yes, one thing has changed Gaijin is ruining the maps by making them smaller and it’s BS after the last 11 years I have spent over $1000 on this game but no more they’re ruining this game by making the maps smaller no more will I spend money on this game!

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F-104G (Italy) gets 2x Aim-9Js, 60x Countermeasures, and it’s at 10.7.
F-104G (Germany) gets 4x Aim-9Js, 60x Countermeasures, and it’s also at 10.7.
F-104G (China) gets 4x Aim-9Js, no Countermeasures, and it’s at 10.3.
Germany’s F-104G is better than Italy’s as it gets 2x more Aim-9Js.
However, if we are going to move down Italy’s F-104G, we should see how good it is compared to China’s F-104G, which is also 10.3.
China’s F-104G gets 2x more Aim-9Js, which is very helpful, but at the cost of no countermeasures, unlike F-104G from Italy.
To be honest with you, since the F-104 is one of the fastest jets in the BR range, it’s not too difficult to outrun or kinetically dodge rear-aspect missiles, so the 2x Aim-9Js would be a better option. However, since all-aspect missiles, like the Aim-9Ls and R-60MKs, are pretty common around 10.0 / 10.3, I think countermeasures might be better overall.
So, the F-104G for Italy at 10.3 might make sense, but it could also be pretty powerful against 9.3s, which most don’t have any flares, are barely supersonic, and don’t even have any decent rear-aspect missiles (besides maybe the Shafrir 2s on the Ayit).

Then you have Japan’s F-104J, which has 6 AIM-9P (same as 9J) sitting at 10.3 without flares, a straight up upgrade comparing to Chinese F-104G. Honestly until more br decompression coming in it’s really lame to cramp all these F-104 variants within 10.3 - 10.7 bracket.

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Everything except for raising the F-15s’ BR seems fair

F-15J should be 12.7 because its an F-15C with probably the best missile in the game that competes against F-14A’s

So should the F15A

The F15J is a F15 in airframe alone not it avionics so in game the are the same but with the F15J being slightly heavily

Its has much better missiles though

They aint that much better

Their turning circle is slightly better with slightly more range

Their SARHs are exactly the same

They need to simply add CMs to the ones that dont have them at the BR and then make them all around 10.3

Also I would counter this by saying there are already aircraft at even 9.7 that cause this issue… T-2K comes to mind.

T-2 bleeds speed much more than F-104s, but I still agree that it’s also annoying as heck to fight.

That doesn’t matter. Your point was, if im inferring correctly, the plane can just run and isnt killable, that applies to both jets.

Yes, you are correct, but F-104s loses less energy evading aim-9bs than the T-2, so F-104s are much more annoying to run after than T-2s, but both can easily run away anyway.

Haven’t played for a few weeks.
What happened here lmao


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Swedish RB BR changes:

  • L-62 ANTI II: 2.7 to 3.0. This thing is basically just a Swedish Crusader AA Mk. I, I see no reason it shouldn’t go up, especially considering the Lvtdgb m/40 also shares that BR.
  • SAV 20.12.48: 3.7 to 4.0. This vehicle is a monster. Not much else to be said really.

Soviet RB BR changes:

  • SU-122: 2.7 to 3.0. This, and the two vehicles below are incredibly powerful. Especially against new players. You see entire squads of SU-122, M4A3 (105), and StuH 42 G when playing these BR’s.

US RB BR changes:

  • M4A3 (105): 3.0 to 3.3.

German RB BR changes:

  • StuH 42 G: 3.0 to 3.3.

French RB BR changes:

  • AMD.35 (SA35): 1.7 to 1.3. This thing is trash. It’s basically a side-grade to the 1.0 AMD 35.
  • M4A3 (105): 3.0 to 3.3. Same reasons as above mentioned SU-122, StuH 42 G, and US M4A3 (105).

Italian RB BR changes:

  • M15/42: 2.7 to 2.3. It’s really not a massive jump from the M13/40 (II), M13/40 (III), or M14/41. Very small jump in penetration, small jump in top speed and power-to-weight, and better hull armour. That’s pretty much it.

AGM-65D hitting the cabin of a pantsir and it somehow only crits it and kills one crewmember.



I think bombs are bugged, I’ve seen other clips of bombs not killing tanks right beside them.

Either way, that’s not Russian bias, its Gaijin spaghetti code.


The fact a MiG-15 can play against a F-104, and a MiG-17 can play against A-10 all aspect AIM-9L’s, with no counter measures. Move up to 9.3, and now you’re going against planes with 4xAIM-9L’s, still with no counter measures, is the funniest joke, I think I’ve ever experienced in this game. There’s obviously a huge disconnect the devs have with the community since this has been going on for so long. The entire 8.0-10.0 air BR’s need to be completely reworked, this is not a un-backed complaint from skill issue, this is actually complete and utter unbalancing and unplayable due to neglect. I don’t think i need to mention the Super Saber since it’s probably been mentioned and ignored over and over again. I’m just really curious how the stats are looking for Italy’s new MiG-15, and 19.